DIY Waterproof Medicine Cabinet! - Portable "On-The-Go" First-Aid Kits! - Very Durable




Introduction: DIY Waterproof Medicine Cabinet! - Portable "On-The-Go" First-Aid Kits! - Very Durable

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in this instructable i'll show you how to make a portable medicine cabinet (first-aid kit) that is 100% waterproof and extremely durable. great to have in an emergency when away from home (i keep in my car). and ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. other uses include, using is as a case to store fire-starting materials or use it as a place to protect/store valuables

Step 1: Watch the Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read the Description...

DIY Portable Medicine Cabinet! be prepared with this durable "on-the-go" First-Aid Kit. Great in emergencies when away from home. holds tons of stuff. It's rugged "Compression Coupler" construction makes it very durable and is 100% Waterproof! handles high impacts and pressures (and is airtight) so it's great for anyone with an active lifestyle (hikers, bikers, climbers, campers, boaters etc...). *Compression Couplers come in all sizes (so chose the one which works for you) and remember to bring it with you! (i'm storing mine in my cars' trunk).

Step 3: First: Gather Your Materials...

1.) one PVC compression coupler (found at any home store)

2.) short length of PVC pipe.

3.) two PVC end caps

4.) PVC pipe cement

Step 4: Cut Down and Sand the PVC Pipe...

cut two short sections of PVC pipe (both 3 inches or so) and sand down the rough edges

Step 5: Attach the Pipe and End Cap...

using PVC pipe cement, attach the end caps to the pipe (see above pics). once they're dry, just insert each into the compression coupler and tighten the ring (on the compression coupler)

Step 6: Here's a Close Up of Compression Coupler...

notice the large rubber washer. it comes with that. you just drop it in and add the threaded ends (it comes with those too). then just push the pipe in and hand tighten the threaded end. it makes a super tight seal. the unit is extremely durable. works well in harsh conditions.

Step 7: Here It Is Loaded...

all the stuff you see in the above picture will fit into the unit. notice that you can fit stuff in the ends as well.

Step 8: I Fully Tested It (water Tests)

no leaks... and notice that it floats too!

Step 9: Has Many Uses...

1.) you can fill it with valuables to keep them safe and dry.

2.) you can store fire starting materials in it.

3.) ...and anything else you can think of (maybe as a hide-a-safe?)

Step 10: Have Fun Building and Using It!

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    2 years ago

    Such a good idea. And since measurements don't need to be perfect, this would be a good kid project to introduce them to working with pvc pipe.