DIY Wearable Black-hearted Food Product





Step 1: Material and Tools

Yakult Robe
1. Black Scarf (1m x 2m)
2. Yakult ( ~300 bottles)
3. Transparent Glue
4. Acrylic Paint (black, ~600ml)
5. Sable Brush
6. Internet Connection

Dunce Cap
1. White Paper (54cm x 78cm)
2. Iron Wire (2m long, 2mm thick)
3. Packaging Tape
4. Hemp Rope (1m)
5. Round Nose Pliers

Wooden Cross
1. Reused Wood (7cm x 4cm, 2m long)
2. Marker Pen (black)
3. Nail
4. Synthetic Enamel (white and red)
5. Regular Paint Brush
6. Hammer

Step 2: Yakult Robe

In Hong Kong Yakult has been a highly sought-after product and popular smuggling item for Mainland Chinese. There were rumours in Southern region of China that Yakult can possibly enlarge breasts, whiten skin and even prevent cancer, but a more reasonable account is that Mainland Chinese worried Yakult produced in China contain tainted milk powder. So items made in Hong Kong are more preferrable.

  1. Carefully peel off aluminium lidding film of the bottle to make sure it will be reused, and rinse the inside of the bottle. Hairdryer is preferrable for instant drying.
  2. Apply coating to the inside of the bottle with arcylic paint. Hand painting is the most important step in this instructables as it is the trademark of craftsmanship of DIY black-hearted product. Every stroke is a signature of its maker, in the way that spirit of its maker is eternally embodied into the object.

    Also, for the making of Yakult Robe, a Cantonese opera, which is accessible via the Internet, was chosen as background music to render the atmosphere of early Hong Kong household factories.

  3. Seal the bottle with glue.
  4. Glue bottles to scarf with transparent glue.

Step 3: Dunce Cap

Dunce cap of this kind has its own history; it is the one Chinese Red Guard members used to proclaim 'crimes' of huge anti-revolutionary groups during Chinese cultural revolution in 1960s-70s. The idea of using dunce cap was originated by Chin Wan, the main theorist of theHong Kong localist movement.

  1. A well-prepared template for the paper cone is never needed, as the goal is to make a pointed hat that is at least 70 cm tall. Simply roll and fix its cone shape with packaging tape.

  2. Bend the iron wire to support the hat, make a circle at both extremities with round nose pliers.

  3. Put the wire frame inside the hat and attach it with packaging tape.

  4. Tie both extremities with hemp robe, so when wearing the hat one could secure its position with one hand pulling the hemp robe.

Step 4: Wooden Cross

Rx (Prescriptions) is a logo for health-care programme. Do not confuse it with PX, which is the chemical Paraxylene whose production prompt safety concerns and caused large scale protests in Mainland China. Pharmacies with the logo signboard publicly shown are authorized to prescribe specific categories of poisons. The amount of pharmacies serving smugglers grew rapidly in recent years. At certain district in Hong Kong like Mongkok, the amount of pharmacies targeted for smugglers even out-numbered chain-store convenient stores. Pharmacists are even
not on duty in these drugstores targeted for smugglers, and only items profitable to smugglers are sold.

The making of wooden cross is self explanatory. Just a little reminder - It may take up to a week for enamel to be completely dry, depending on weather condition.

Step 5: Show Time

It took around 50 hours to finish the whole set just before the day of rally. But on final thought I decided not to wear the Yakult robe as the theme of the parody rally would be distracted. Only the dunce cap was used. The wearable item is kept by its maker and its production is archived at the instructables website.

External Links

BBC : Rare Chinese Cultural Revolution photos on display

Hong Kong Yakult is now a highly sought-after product for Mainland Chinese

CNN : Hong Kongers hold parody Communist rally to protest mainland influence



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Well done laddy, well done indeed!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It heartens me to see artworks like this making their way onto Instructables. Thanks for sharing this. You might get some strange comments from people who perhaps do not understand your intent, but it's clear to me what you're doing, and I applaud it.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Being insanely in love with opera from both Europe AND China/Korea I couldn't help but enjoy the viewing of the videos all the way through. What I found interesting in this is that in China (and elsewhere) a person would use a product to lighten their appearance. I've seen photos altering the shape of the eyes to be more 'round'... And yet here in the USA and maybe even more so in Western Europe where we lived for so long it is commonplace to wear makeup and clothing to imitate and enhance an Asian look and style! This even extends to people's hobbies and home decor.

    I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for the cultural infusion! And especially thank you for the wisdom and insight into the nature of true craftsmanship. This was a very insightful project overall.