DIY: Wearable Bluetooth Speaker!




Introduction: DIY: Wearable Bluetooth Speaker!

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Hello Folks,

I was just researching about this LM386 IC and i found out that it was an audio IC. So i thought i would some good use of that.This Instructable will guide you to make a portable Bluetooth speaker.

YES!! You read it right! A PORTABLE Bluetooth Speaker!

This speaker is easy and you can make it with stuff lying around your house o buy it for less than $10.

So Lets Get started!!!!

Yeah if I win the Wearable tech contest i would improve and upgrade my service of providing instructables and DIY stuff for sure!

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need.

Materials Required,

The Materials you will require for this project are quite a few.

The Audio Chip:

1x LM386 IC

1x 220uF Capacitor.

1k resistor.

1x 7805 IC

2X 9V battery

Bluetooth Audio Transreciever

3.5 mm jack (female)

1x 8 ohm speaker.

USB emale cable.

1x altoids tin or other casing.

A strap or a velcro band .

So thats all you will need and the below links will help you buy the Bluetooth Transreciever:


Step 2: The Schematic and the Main Concept

Intially i will share you the schematics as shown in the

picture. I apologise as first i had decided to line up the 5v suppy with the PCB but we need to use diffrerent lines as there will be electromagnetic fluctuations between the speaker an thee bluetooth reciever.


1.We create a mini amplifer for our speaker to have a good loud sound.

2.We add a bluetooth transrecievr to it.

3.We Give power supplies to both the transreciever and the speaker seperately.

4.We connect the speaker to the bluetooth transreciever and then play songs wirelessly!

5.To make it compact and awesome , we add a strap to attach it to our hand and enjoy it.

Happy Making !

Step 3: Soldering Time!

So Lets Solder the components as per the schematics . The final result must be similar to the picture. Anyway its your creativity.The main concept is important here.As I explained the main concept before this is very simple and be careful and take safety precautions while soldering!

Step 4: Casing Our Speaker.

First test it out and when it is successful we must case it.

Lets put it up in a altoids tin , here I had used a visiting card holder which makes it very compact and it looks awesome.Just add a strap and make it portable!

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Thanks for reading!

Any query regarding this project?

Any suggestion?

You are welcome any time!

Thanks for reading!



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Informative project. If I may ask can we pair it with car media player?


    4 years ago

    Yes , my dear friend.The bluetooth receiver pairs up with our phone and it will play the songs from our phone.You can add a Led between the negative and positive sides of the 9v battery. I hope this helps our.If you liked the project please vote this instructable.

    Thanks and Regards,


    4 years ago

    Hi man nice project... However I have some confusions... First I wanna add an led to it and second how will it play music?? I mean will the Bluetooth device pair up with our phone or something??