DIY Wedding Favors Project

Introduction: DIY Wedding Favors Project

DIY Wedding favors - Budget Wedding


For this project I made my own wedding favors. I made tealights made with sampaquita essential oil (my mother and grandmothers native country national flower , sampaquita a night blooming jasmine) and a bath potpourri with the same essential oil. I cannot put all the steps up since I did not plan on making an instructable at the time but I will put up all the pictures and info I can.

For the packaging I got tiny little gift bags that are made from a tropical vine and tied ribbon around it.

We wanted to have a nice wedding with 125-135 guests on a $14,000 max budget, so we had to plan and do most it ourselves. We had 8 months and 14000 budget and many projects. I will try to publish most of them.

Note= Since we knew it was to be DIY as soon as I got word I started gathering embellishments like ribbons and garlands from thrift stores and using coupons from joans every week. For my favors I did take a trip to the phillipines and was able to hunt down the scents and order the cute gift bags that matched my colors from a bazzar.

Step 1:


For Tea lights :
Esential oil or fragrance oil
Soy Wax
Tea light cups
Wax melter

For bath tea :
assorted food grade dried flowers and herbs ( I bought onlne and at a local farmers market_

I used chamomile,green tea, marigold, lavender, rose petals

Extra Large Bowl
TIn containers


Basic Craft Materials:
Scissors, Tape, Adhesives E600 is what I use, hot glue
Wire, spray adhesive, thread and needle

TIny GIft Bags

Step 2: Packaging

I used little gift bags and embellished them with ribbon

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