DIY Werewolf Costume (A Werewolf Army for $47)





Introduction: DIY Werewolf Costume (A Werewolf Army for $47)

About: No one of consequence. Indie Filmmaker. Producer of Monster Cops The Series and Writer and Director of the indie Sci-Fi Feature REDD.

See these beasts die in action

How I made the Wolf Beast(s) for my short film Redd (Red Riding Hood Action Horror).

I started with the head. Built it out of cardboard, then duct tape, faux fur, hot glue, plastic table cover, yarn, and a couple of red leds for the eyes. Built a body out of wire hangers, a back pack, and more plastic table cover. Total budget around $47.

Hopefully when we make the feature, I can raise a bit more money and make a better body for it.

Multiplied the Wolf using Sony Vegas Pro 9.

Check out the REDD Film Project over at Facebook.



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    You are the Robert Rodriguez of Werewolf films! Costume is totally B.A.! BONUS THX for posting how you edited and used Vegas Pro tricks! Hurry up and make more... we'll be watching!

    Great video explaining your thought process, and the werewolves looks frightening!

    Im gonna use this for a halloween costume! I LOVE IT! Im amazed that it looks this good under a budget of 47 dollars! Awesome!

    So cool. Thank you for sharing the build process. You are very talented.

    Thank you for sharing your creative process. Very impressive. I've wanted to make a larger werewolf costume just for using "around the house" and this will help. Here's to success in your film career.