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Introduction: DIY White Walker Prop

I am doing a Game of Thrones themed Halloween party this year and wanted to get some white walkers as props for outside. I looked all over the web and there are none you can just buy so I decided to make some myself.

I started with a basic cheap skeleton, then corpsed it, added clothes and hair and weapons and wham bam I have some white walker to scare some people with.

This project was fun but it did take some time and did cost some money. I spent about 3 hours per walker , and about $85 per walker in cost, but I bought my items all new. You can make this walker a lot cheaper by using old clothes, wigs, used weapons. The most expensive part of the project was the actual skeleton. It cost me $40 but I'm sure if you did a little searching you could find one cheaper.

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Step 1:

The first step was to "corpse" my skeleton. I wanted to give my skeletons skin and to make them look weathered and beat up. I had no clue how to do this but I looked on the web and found a site that was awesome.

I went to this site

also a great video on how to is here

The guy that does this video recommends this site to buy a cheaper skeleton, I ordered a catalog but never got one so I'm really not sure how to get them, but his video is great.

So I learned how to corpse. It is basically using plastic sheeting, wrapping it around areas of your skeleton and then using a heat gun( I got mine at Loews for less than $20) to shrink the plastic onto the form. I have to tell you this was so much FUN!!!! Very satisfy and rewarding all at one time. You do have to be careful thought that gun gets really really hot and you can melt tables, clothes and skin with it really easily. It smells bad to so do this outside. It was cold at my house so I set it up in the garage. This part moves really fast. It took me about 3 hours total to melt plastic on 4 skeleton. One good little tip is I used spray adhesive to hold the plastic in place around the skeleton.

I also tried different stuff with each on. As you can see I made a female one by just adding some extra plastic in the chest and hip areas. I also added some Styrofoam under the face plastic and made some face areas like noses and such. I also tried to add some extra rolled up plastic to the arms of one of the guy skeletons but honestly it just made him look like he had tumors on his arms so that was kind of a bust.

On one skeleton I painted some red on the bones and it showed through the plastic really nice it added a cool little coloring to the overall walker.

Step 2: Staining

Once you get all your dudes and dudetts all plasticized up you can then color the plastic/skin with stain. I wanted to keep my walkers white/ grey so I used a grey stain. I mixed a little brown in with the white sometimes even tried a little red in some areas. Refer to the web link in step 1 for more info on staining.

I used a soft paint brush and just painted the entire plastic wrapped skeleton.

It will take a few hours to dry so give them a little time before going on to the next step.

Step 3: Paint the Face Hot Glue Mold

At this point I wanted to make the skeleton's face more like a real face, or more like a white walkers face.

I looked at some photos online and it showed all the white walkers faces were white, some missing items like ears and noses and lips and some having ridges on their face and brow areas. So using a hot glue gun and clear glue I added ridges and made noses for my white walkers. Notice I did get a little carried away on one nose but it felt ok at the time so I let it go. He is just going to have a big nose. I also added ridge lines on some of the brows and the top of the heads.

I then used a white latex paint and painted the face more white, black in the eyes and nostrils and blue in the center.

I didn't have to paint extra on the teeth, the staining I used previously settled into the grooves very nicely.

Step 4: Time for Clothes and Fur

Once I got all the skin put on my skeletons I added clothes.

I tried to go to a resale shop and find some old pants and shirts but I could not find anything I thought was appropriated for a white walker so I settled on just getting some costumes for them. I am sure if you are willing to spend a little extra time looking at resale shops you can find what you want but I wasn't willing to spend a lot of time shopping so I skipped it. I got my costumes at amazon. I have 4 skeleton , 3 male 1 female below are the costumes I used.


this is a child's size "peasant " costume it was $6.48 when I bought it

for the girl

this one was $12 when I got it.

Remember you skeletons are thin so get small or child's size.

I bought some fake fur and fake leather/ sued . This was the most expensive part of the white walkers it was hard to find a store that had good fur that looked somewhat real without it being really expensive.

I did find one place

that had somewhat decent pricing.

I bought some fake animal fur and some fake suede. I spent about $77 there but I did not use all the fur I bought.

For the skeleton I used fur to put a covering on each skeletons shoulders and then wrapped the feet with some fur and some suede.

Step 5: Give Em Hair!

Time to add hair to the face and head.

I bought some zombie and ghost pirate wigs online

they were about 10 bucks at the time. I got 1 pirate wigs and two zombie wigs.

If I had to do it over again , I would not go with the zombie wig because it had a lot of blue/green in it.

I'm sure also you could use old wigs you have on hand or from other Halloweens. You could bleach the colored wigs out to make them white or just use the colors.

I then cut out the blue and tossed it and used the white and hot glued to areas of the skeletons head. I trimmed other pieces to work as the facial hair and made beards and such.

I used the complete pirate wig for the girl.

Step 6: Weaponizeing the Walkers

The finals step to the white walker props is to weaponize each one and then adding the led lights to the eyes.

I had some LED lit up balloons on hand. I took out the blue bulb and hot glued them into each eye socket.

The lights last about 8 hours will look very cool in the night for the party.

I will light each walker with a green or blue solar spot light at night so they will really stand out.

As for the weapons I went online to a Halloween store and bought a couple shields, swords, an ax and a hammer. They will look great as props for the walkers.

My plan is to use a metal type of metal stick to help them stand and support them up in my yard.

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    3 years ago

    These are perfectly creepy. Nice techniques!

    I hope you'll enter this in the Halloween Decor contest - this would be a great entry.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, glad you liked them, and yes I did enter them.