DIY - Wide Aluminium Pulley + Installation

Note: this is a lathe intensive project

A heavy duty pulley for rope,cable or chain. with variable lane width it can be scaled for use with different diameters or multiple ropes. The pulley is made of a cast aluminum block which will be shown in a future Instructable and video.


- A lathe (you could also 3D print the pulley or carve it from wood)

- Angle grinder or hacksaw for cutting the bracket

- Power drill or drill press for drilling axle holes



- A block of aluminum /wood (hardwoods oak/maple) / plastic (HDPE/LDPE) approximately 90mm diameter and 100mm wide aluminum is recommended

-3mm mild steel sheet 90mm by ~200mm

- A large lag bolt with unthreaded section toward the head and corresponding nuts

- 4-8 washers to fill the gaps

Bracket (optional Works well in garages and sheds)

- 1 two by four the length is equal to the width between the beams

- 4 lag bolts for attaching to the beams and corresponding nuts

- 4 two by four pieces approx 150mm long

All the steps are in my video : 1 Week Builds Ep-1 (Wide Pulley)



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