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Introduction: DIY Wind Chime/Wind Charm

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I decided to create this beautiful wind charm out of inspiration I found on the internet. I changed it to make it my own, and you can do the same. The following instructions are really meant to be a guideline for the creation of your own charm or chime.

I will continue to add on to my wind charm to eventually create a chime, but this is so beautiful as it is, I had to share.

Happy Creating!

Step 1: Gathering Materials


Silver-plated head or eye pins (approx. 50)
Glass beads, varied. I used moonstone, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, and stone.
Jump rings (coordinating)
Silver chain (approx. 6 in.)
Hoop. I used a random gold-plated bangle bracelet my husband found on the sidewalk one day.


Round-nose pliers
Needle-nose pliers
Wire cutter


Ribbon for wrapping the hoop
Bead tray

My Color Scheme: dark blue, light blue, teal, clear crystal, pale pink

Step 2: Wire-Wrap Beads

Now is where you get to be creative! Take your varied beads and string them onto your head/eye pins. Wire-wrap the ends so they're nice and secure, and set them to the side. You can come up with different lengths, combinations, and color schemes for these.

Don't know how to wire-wrap beads? Here's my tutorial on how to do so.

Wire Wrapping Basics: Wire Wrap Headpin

Step 3: Create Strands

  • You should now have a bunch of wire-wrapped bead lengths. You can combine them by laying them out end on end to see which design/color combinations you like best.
  • Now, use jump rings to connect each bead length together to create a strand. When you are pleased with the length of your strands, set them aside. (I have six strands total for my wind charm, each of which are varying lengths).
  • Take your hoop and mark where your strands will be using a permanent marker.
    • If you are using a metal or plastic hoop unlike the bangle I used, use a drill (if necessary) to create holes in the metal or plastic equally spaced for your amount of strands. Use an additional jump ring at the top of each strand to connect the strands to the hoop.
  • Using jump rings, attach each strand onto the hoop (I went from longest to shortest).

Step 4: Wrap the Hoop

Using your ribbon (I used about 2 ft.), wrap the hoop.

  • Tie a knot anywhere on the hoop
  • Wrap the hoop tightly
  • Use your markings to determine where you slide the next strand to between the wraps.
  • Continue wrapping until all strands have been secured
  • Tie it tight! Cut off your ends.

I used a braided wrap for my hoop which allowed me to more securely attach my strands and keep them in place. To do a braided wrap, make a loop on the back side of the hoop which faces the center. Pull the end of the ribbon over the top of the hoop and through the loop facing the center. Pull tight and continue. The effect should look like a braid. If this doesn't work for you, wrap normally.

Step 5: Attach Chain

Using three (3) jump rings, cut your chain into three equal lengths. Attach the chain to the jump rings, and the jump rings to the hoop. Be sure that the jump rings with chain are placed around the hoop so it will be supported on all sides. Bring the three lengths of chain together at the top and secure with one (1) final jump ring.

Add a hook if you wish, and you're ready to hang inside or out!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great first Instructable! Your wind chime turned out really beautiful. You should enter this into the Crafting contest!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I think I may enter it into the crafting contest. :-)