DIY Wireless Bluetooth Speaker or Headphone Adapter From an Old Bluetooth Headset





Introduction: DIY Wireless Bluetooth Speaker or Headphone Adapter From an Old Bluetooth Headset

The wireless speakers and headphones are so expensive, but I'm going to make a cheap bluetooth speaker/headphone adapter.
Parts: Bluetooth headset
3.5 mm jack plug
Some short wires
Tools: Soldering iron
Wire cutter

Step 1: Get Inside Your Headset!

You will see two wires to the speaker. Cut them off!

Step 2: Connecting the Wires

Solder two wires to the headset!

Step 3: Jack Plug

Solder the jack plug to the wires!

Step 4: Connect the Adapter to Your Android

Download an app called Mono Bluetooth Router!
Go to the Settings, turn on the bluetooth! Pair your Android with the adapter then connect it! Open the app! Click On and plug in your adapter to your headphone or speaker! Enjoy the music! :-)



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    Guess what i did it sometime back and was about to post ible about it for the contest , but i found your ible so wont be posting. I used a 3.5mm female port to it though. If am not wrong its 1channel and sound is not great isnt it?. I tried on headset and car AUX and quality is not great. I used Samsung ear piece.

    4 replies

    You are made it good. The sound is not good, but it is wireless, fun, and you can prank people with this. ; )

    I have seen in other ible that one can use a transistor LM7805 IC and it can be used as amplifier and boost sound.

    could you provide the link for the transistor added one? and is the sound quality any better? ..... is it possible to build a dual channel one?

    If you like, please vote for my project! :-)

    Thanks. :-)

    wow I would of never thought of this . nice ible

    This is my first project. I'm not English. :-)