DIY With Kids for Mother's Day. Gift Tea Box and Tea Tags.




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A project I would like to share was done for our dear grannies for Mother's day. Two variants were done. The first variant I did together with my daughter. The second variant is a printable version (I did patterns in a photo editor and printed them out).

Materials are really simple:

The main one is a box of tea bags.

Some paper, color markers/pens/pencils, an adhesive (double-sided tape is comfortable to work with), scissors.

And of course a good mood because this gift is gonna be given to someone you love!

Here is my video tutorial with both variants:

Step 1: Take A4 Paper, Cut It Into Rectangles, Fold Them in Half and Cut Off Edges to Make a Tea Bag Shape.

My rectangles (tea tags to be) are 3,5 cm x 9 cm.

Step 2: Let Your Kid Decorate the Tea Tags.

Step 3: Take a Ready Tea Bag, Remove the Tag and Adhere Your Tag With Double-sided Tape or a Glue Stick.

Step 4: Now Let's Make a Box. Undo the Ready Tea Box.

Step 5: Take Thick Paper A3, Fix the Box With a Masking Tape, Trace the Outline and Cut It Out.

Instead of A3 paper, one or two sheets of A4 thick paper/ card stock may be used depending on the size of your box. How to make a box out of A4 paper is shown in the second part of the video.

Step 6: Repeat All Folds and Cuts Using a Ruler and Scissors and Fold Up a Box.

Step 7: Decorate a Diy Box Together With a Kid.

Thus, the box is ready, the tea bags are ready. Place tea bags in the tea box and wrap the box with a clear plastic to make it look even better.

Step 8: Here Are My Printable Patterns for Tea Tags. Just Print Them Out and Write Down Wishes.

If you like the patterns, they can be downloaded from the video description (below the video).

I hope this tea tutorial can be useful. Thank you everyone for stopping by!



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    2 years ago

    I love making art projects!


    2 years ago

    This is such a cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing :)

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