DIY Wood Binoviewer From Nikon Microscope Erecting Prism Homemade Refractor Telescope

DIY Wood Binoviewer from Nikon Microscope Erecting Prism Homemade Refractor Telescope

Binoculars always the best solution for those who are new to astronomy and to explore the vast beauty of the universe. Features
look with both eyes of binoculars seem more natural than having only one eye glancing through the eyepiece of the telescope, this difference seemingly simple fact very important because the level comfort of the observer not only work more interesting observations, but also increases the ability to see visually. The contrast, resolution and ability to detect objects with low brightness are improved simply by watching with both eyes instead of one. Each amateur astronomers should equip yourself with a good binoculars possible, despite their telescopes how matter

The two eyes are always better than one

You can converter Binoviewer Microscope for Refractor Telescope:

More Homemade Refractor Telescope DIY Erecting Prism Binoviewer Focuser here:

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