DIY Wood Filler - How to Plug Screw Holes and Fill Cracks - Make With Just Two Ingredients

Introduction: DIY Wood Filler - How to Plug Screw Holes and Fill Cracks - Make With Just Two Ingredients

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There are all kinds of products available to fill nail and screw holes in wood. Cut wood plugs, wood fillers, ready patch... all good options. But my favorite method is one I can make myself, with two ingredients I always have. It's cheap, reliable, and color matches every time. Wood glue and sawdust.

Step 1: Mix, Putty, and Sand

So easy! Just put a few teaspoons of wood glue in a Dixie cup and start mixing in sawdust until you get a thick paste. When it starts to get just a little crumbly, you've got your filler.

Using a putty knife, push the mix into your screw hole, overfilling slightly.

Another method, and the one I prefer if I'm in a location where mess doesn't matter, is even easier. Squeeze glue over the area you need filled, dump sawdust on top, and knead in with your hands. Then brush away the excess sawdust/glue mix.

Give it a few hours to harden, then come back, sand flush, and viola! Holes plugged!

Happy gluing, and keep making awesome stuff!

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    4 months ago

    Oh! That`s very interesting!


    3 years ago

    yes sir. it works. I hope you won't mind if I add my 2 cents worth...for even finer putty and virtually unlimited, perfect match, colors try your spice rack. cinnamon is a great base brown...paprika to redden it up...mustard powder or turmeric to yellow it...white corn starch/flour to lighten it up...ground dried parsley, chives, sage, etc for green. while we're at it I did say virtually any color, right? for your bright colors throw some dried flower petals of you color choice, in a coffee grinder and pulverise...or use a mortar and pestle if you feel really Van Gogh old school. all of these ingredients are bone dry and keep forever. the putty can be made in batches tiny to huge. proportion by weight, not volume and you can extend a batch. if you make too much, spread it on wax paper to dry it...once dry take it back to the coffee mill to pulverise. store the powder in an airtight container. when you need some simply sprinkle on a little water...mix..wait. I..mix...use. this "putty" can be hand shaped or molded, and when dry you can sand it, or carve it (difficult with a knife... easy with a Dremel). large pieces will hold a nail or screw as well as wood.

    it is not very water/humidity friendly though. for damp/wet applications use silicone caulk for your polymer base instead of wood glue. think suguru. take care to only mix very dry ingredients into the silicone and wear nitrile gloves. give it any moisture and it will set quickly, reducing working time.