DIY Wood Tarp Clip / Fastener

Introduction: DIY Wood Tarp Clip / Fastener

Make your own wooden tarp clip out in the field when you need them - or carry some ready made with you when backpacking, camping and hiking...learn this simple primitive technology bushcraft skill
Maybe you have a tarp you're using and you would like to expand its capabilities without punching holes into it or shrinking it by tying pebbles...

Back when I was traveling across country there was a time I needed some type of tarp clip or fastener to grab onto an edge of a high quality military poncho that I was using for shelter in a light snow storm. This poncho had limited grommets and I didn't want to punch any more holes, in turn weakening the poncho. I also did not want to tie pebbles onto the ponchos edge, because this would shrink the poncho up...

So as time has went on, two months had gone by and I had brainstormed on the idea of a DIY wood tarp clip / fastener that could be made out in the field out of a readily available branch or stick, I came up with something that worked...

I've found this simple tarp clip to be useful for various tasks around the campsite. This simple and easily made clip can be used for grabbing onto the edge - or the inside areas - of a material of pretty much any type, whether it be canvas, ripstop / sil nylon, plastic contractor trash bags, Grabber casualty blankets, mylar space blankets, heat sheets, tents, hammocks and mosquito / bug nets...You can even use these clips to stake tarps / tents edges to the ground. There's many possibilities...

Learn this simple bushcraft wood carving skill and give it a try...

The poor man's tarp clip...

* NOTE: The "Slip Knot" the "Poachers Knot" and the "Scaffold Knot" are all tied the same way, the difference is the amount of wraps you make when tying the knot...

The Slip Knot (uses one wrap/turn)

The Poachers Knot (uses 2 wraps/turns)(recommended for this wooden tarp clip along with good quality string)

The Scaffold Knot (uses 3 wraps/turns)

There are plenty of videos and illustrations out there that show how to tie the Poachers Knot, here's one I like for its simplicity:


Video Timeline: 0-0:00 demonstrating the tarp clip in use on a grabber tarp shelter

0:00-9:21 I show you how to make/carve a wooden tarp clip

9:22 - More examples of where to use these clips and a strength test

Step 1:

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Great and easy to make outdoors -- Thanks!

    Patricks Custom Bug Out Bikes
    Patricks Custom Bug Out Bikes

    Reply 3 years ago

    I tried to make it easy to understand as I could...
    There's something you should know that I've recently done more research on...
    There's three knots out there that are tied the same way, the difference in the three are the amount of turns / wraps you make: Those knots are: The Slip Knot, The Poachers Knot and the Scaffold Knot...

    Of course each knot has different nicknames, but those are the basics I've gathered. Anyways, here's a little breakdown and I've also updated this on my original posts:

    -The Slip Knot uses 1 turn / wrap
    -The Poachers Knot uses 2 turns/ wraps (recommended for use with this wooden clip along with good quality string)
    -The Scaffold Knot uses 3 turns/ wraps

    I hope this helps to avoid any confusion. Just keep in mind that it's two turns or wraps you want to make. I've found this to work best with this tarp clip. It will allow you to clinch down tight and loosen with the tag end, or handle.

    Take care and get out there and enjoy the great outdoors when you can,


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)