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Introduction: Create Blocks Create Memories

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Recently I had the pleasure of attending a friend's baby shower. I debated over what I should give her. I wanted to give her something meaningful that she and her child would enjoy. While pinning the morning away, waiting on my car to be serviced, I came across the most wonderful pin on Pinterest, DIY Alphabet Blocks. It was the cutest idea found on the blog Mod Podge Rocks, (and by the way Mod Podge does rock.) Given that the Room of the Month for March's Pinterest Room Challenge is the kids room, I thought this would be perfect. I'd make something that was both fun to play with and decorative for a child's space. This project was both simple and easy to do, creating a fun activity for all, kids and adults at the shower.

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Step 1: ​Materials

2x2x8 or Wooden blocks already cut to size

Fine Sanding

PaperScrapbooking paper

Adhesive/Sealer or Mod Podge

Scissors/Paper Cutter

Acrylic paint: Colors I used Sweet Mint & Victorian Blue from Americana Acrylics

Paint Brushes

Stickers (Letters, Numbers, etc)

Cost $5-10

Don't worry this one is not that dirty

Step 2: Prep the 2x2

Start by sanding the 2x2x8 piece of lumber with fine sanding paper. Since kids are going to play with this, you want to ensure there are no little splinters sticking up.

Step 3: Cut the Blocks

Next its time to cut the wood blocks.

The actual size of a 2x2 is actually 1.5 inches in thickness. So measure out 1.5 inches to make perfectly square blocks.

In my case I'm using my miter saw for speed and convenience but this can totally be accomplished with a regular hand saw. If using a miter saw or box or cutting by hand you can use a stop block because all of the cuts are to be exact and its a repetitive process. Be sure not to over tighten the safety clamp

Step 4: Sand

Once all the pieces are cut, sand and round out the edges of each block using the fine sanding paper. You don't want any edges to be too sharp. This can be done by hand.

Step 5: Cut the Scrapbooking Paper

Now its time to cut all the scrapbooking paper to size so that it can be glued to the blocks.

ANddddd....It would appear I'm becoming more garage than crafty these days. I used a piece of plywood as my cutting board and an utility knife to make straight cuts and an L-square to line up my cuts. Umm.... I'm happy to report after this project I went out and bought a paper cutter.

Line up the paper and cut to 1.25 to 1.5 inch squares.

I used multiple scrapping booking paper, largely because there was just too many great options to choose from at Hobby Lobby. If you don't have scrapbooking paper you can also use gift wrapping paper. Basically you can use any paper that is pretty and inspires your creative juices.

Step 6: Setup the DIY Table

Set up your activity table and have fun.

Step 7: Have Fun!

This is not a task of perfection. This is an activity of love. So there are no bad blocks, only bad paint brushes, and paint, and stickers.

That line that you were supposed to be painting within was always crooked The most important thing to remember, that these little wooden blocks tell a story, the story of the celebration of the arrival on a little one. He or she will look at these blocks one day, painted all funny sitting on his or her dresser and know they were painted with love.

Once all the blocks are decorated seal it by brushing mod podge on each block.

Happy Crafting!

~ T.

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