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Introduction: DIY Wooden Key Chain & Mobile Holder

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Today, I'm making a wooden key chain & mobile holder from all reclaimed materials. This is a pretty simple process and is a good beginner DIY project.

For this key chain I'm using Gardenia wood trunk from my garden, I have no knowledge of making such things, I surfed a lot on internet so I tried myself and using tools like mini saw and drilling machine first time, overall it's came out awesome and I'm very happy, I hope you like this project.

Materials for Key Chain Making:-

• Wooden Branch (I picked from my garden its Gardenia‎)

• Epoxy (Araldite)

• Sand Paper

• Safety Pin

• Key Chain & Ring

• White Paper

Tools needed: -

• Mini Saw

• Drill Machine

Note: - All of these tools aren’t necessary, but they just help make the process go quicker.

Step 1: Preparing a Cut

I don't have machine for making a precise cut so I'm using mini hand saw for cutting, first I have choose a right spot for cut, then cut the one end then other end which roughly 4 inch in size.

Step 2: Make Design for Holding Mobile

Now I have made a small outline and with the help of hand saw, i made a multiple cuts in between the outline, Then gently i cut the inner portion of wooden piece. Somehow i realize I made the extra deep cut so it consumed more time in flatten the inner portion.

Step 3: Prepare a Smooth Surface by Sanding

I don't know about grit number of sand paper but its done its job, What I have done here is smoothing all the sides, also I'm very particular about sanding, if sanding too much I'm gonna loose the bark texture, so I have left it when surface is smooth and shows little bark texture.

Step 4: Prepare Super Shiny Reflection : Epoxy

Giving a smooth and shinier reflection I have decided to use epoxy,
Blue Color Tube is Resin
White Color Tube is Hardener

Put exact ratio of both on a white sheet paper, mix it well and mixed it till changes it's color to something similar to off white. Then apply this glue mixture on entire piece in one go. Reason for using epoxy is, it gives a shinier and a strength to wood.

After 48 Hours it will dry completely and proceed for further process.

Step 5: Make a Hole, Add Safety Pin & KeyRing

After 1 or 2 attempt I made the hole in center of wooden piece, After successful attempt I choose to add safety pin.
In Safety Pin, Cut the center and twisted with the help of Pliers. Then simply I placed a ring tip of the safety pin.

Step 6: Final Look On: Key Chain & Mobile Holder

This is the finished product, now i can use my own custom made key chain and mobile holder. I hope you like this project. Thanks!

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    3 years ago

    Looks smart and verry functional . Not made it......yet :-)