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Introduction: DIY: Wooden Ring

I have always liked rings but they never fit me right and they seem cost to much. So I decided to make my own ring. I had some beautiful scrap wood lying around and I thought that it would look amazing as a ring. I made two rings then thought 'Hey this would be a cool instructable'. The rings fit me perfectly and were free except for the tung oil and the sealer. This is how I made them.

You will need:

-A Rotary Tool or Large Drill Bit


-Steel Wool

-Tun Oil


-A Saw

Step 1: Step 1: Finding Worthy Wood

For this step you will need to find some thick sticks. I found my stick in our firewood in my backyard. If you can't find one in your backyard I would take it as an opportunity to go on a hike. I chose a stick without and side branches because I couldn't cut a straight ring blank with a branch with side branches.

Step 2: Step 2: the Start of the Ring

For this step I clamped the stick down and sawed off about 1/2 of an inch. This will be the ring. I left the bark on because later on it gets taken off as the shaping of the ring begins.

Step 3: Step 3: Rough Shaping

Next I took the ring blank and used my rotary tool to do the rough shaping. Make sure to make it a little SMALLER then what you want the final ring to be. In the next step I did a lot of sanding that plus the stain and sealer will make it fit just right. I used three main rotary tool bits: a flat sanding one, a round tip sanding one and and flat tip skinny sanding one. Make sure to leave about 1/8 around the edge for sanding. If you're using a drill bit just drill out a hole that is a little smaller than what you want it to be. If you don't have a rotary tool then you can just sand away the excess wood around the edge.

Step 4: Step 4: Sanding and Sealing

This is the most time consuming part of the instructable. So I knew that I wanted this to be super smooth, so I made sure that I spent a longer time on this part then I probably should have. I started out with 80 grit sandpaper and then moved all the way to the highest grit I had then went to steel wool. But its up to you how high you want to go. For basic shaping I used 80 grit then slowly moved up to steel wool. Make sure to sand the inside. Then I stained it with Tung oil then allowed it to dry then applied the sealer.

Step 5: Step 5: Finished

I'm really happy with how the rings turned out, I will definitely make more in the future. You could engrave the ring with a message or a name. If you do make a ring of your own please post pictures of it because I would love to see them! Thank you for viewing this as it is my first instructable!

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1 year ago

my bf asked me to make a pair of these, ill update you when i get round to making them

looks good bud.. was curious what ya used as a sealer. .

1 reply

I used just some basic wood workers polyurethane, from a local store. You could find it at Lowe's or Home Depot

Ever have the wood crack on you as your drilling or sanding the hole? My two attempts both cracked as I was sanding.

2 replies

Sorry I didn't reply back faster. Yes my first few rings did crack as I was sanding them. One I tried drilling and it cracked then shot across the room. I like to do just the rough shaping with my rotary tool then use sandpaper, and when rough shaping I keep the rotary tool on a medium to low speed to avoid cracking. I would love to see pictures of a completed ring, hope this helped!

My first attempt cracked too.. But I used a soft wood and it was just about 2mm thick

Tried it yesterday and they came out great. I did cheat a bit by using my drill press to "turn" the blanks down to a decent circle.

1 reply

Thanks for sharing! You could also use a wood burner to add a name or designs before sealing.

1 reply

Wow! great job showing how such an item can be made without needing a lathe. This is exactly what Instructables is all about.

1 reply

i recently saw an Instructable for Glowing Shelves; there should be no reason why one couldnt use a rotary tool to carve out letters or designs on the ring, place tape around the inside of the ring (to prevent it flowing through, of course), and pour a small amount of the glowing epoxy in the patterns.

1 reply

Great job! And I was thinking I'd have to buy a lathe to make these. This will surely be one of my main projects in my roving craft shop.



1 reply

Very nice!.

Branches are excellent for this. I was wondering why you wanted a "clean" branch.

I like to use ones with side branches. I like the interesting grain pattern that exists there. One just has be careful, especially if turning, not much of a concern with your method (grinding).

Once again, nice job, especially your ability to achieve near lathe precision.