DIY Wooden Toys Domino

Introduction: DIY Wooden Toys Domino

Trim a planed 25x86 mm hardwood plank into three 450 mm long pieces using a miter saw.

Trim them across the width (55mm) using a circular saw, then cut them across the length into 10 mm thick slats; make sure there is also a 12 mm slat for a support.

Plane the slats until they are 8 mm thick and 50 mm wide using a thickness planer. The support slat should be 70 mm wide and 10 mm thick.

Step 1: Squares

Cut the slats into 50x50 mm squares. The support plank should be 310 mm long.

Mark the squares. Make a template for marking and cutting through-holes
using a hand tool. Each hole should be 8 mm in diameter. Cut 6 mm holes in the support plank.

Make pegs out of a wooden pin (6 mm in diameter). Glue them into the 6 mm holes.

Do the final polishing. Trim the pins.

Step 2: How to Make a Box

Trim a planed 25x86 mm hardwood plank into three 450 mm work-pieces using a miter saw.

Cut them into 12 mm thick slats using a circular saw.

Plane the slats until they are 10 mm thick and 84 mm wide using a thickness planer.

Trim the slats to achieve appropriate size.

Cut tenons at the work-pieces’ ends on a router table equipped with a tenon cutter and a 6 mm grooving milling cutter. The pitch is 6 mm, and tenon length is 10.2 mm.

Step 3: Continue...

Put the box together without using glue. Check the dimensions and the tenon joints: they should be firm, but assembly/disassembly should be easy.

Trim bottom and lid grooves (4 mm wide and 5 mm deep). Cut the bottom and lid out of a 4 mm thick piece of veneer. Finish all parts.

Step 4: Glue..

Glue all pieces together. Check the angles using a try-square. Remove excess glue with a damp sponge.

Finish your boxes. Trim the lid according to the box’s size.


Coat the domino and boxes with a layer of leak oil. Use a soft and clean napkin and oil it evenly. Wait 20-25 minutes to let the oil evenly saturates the wood. Remove excess oil with a napkin. Leave it until it dries completely.

There it is!

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    These look great but not a typical domino style. How do you play the game?


    2 years ago

    those are nice looking boxes