DIY Woven Hat Made With Recycled Bags

In this instructable, you will learn to make a recylcled, woven hat, out of plastic bags.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You will need any color, any brand plastic bags. It depends on how large your finial project will be for how many you need.

Step 2: Cutting the String

Take a bag, and fold it over three times. Use scissors and cut 1-2 inch strips.

Step 3: Gathering String

Put the small strips of cut string in a pile. Discard all the top handles, and bottom seam of bag.

Step 4: Making String

Unfold small strips, and form a circle. Take a few, and slip knot them. Wrap up the new string in a bundle.

Step 5: Weaving

Take your new string, and a standard loom, and weave as you would normally. You have now completed the steps to making a hat!

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    2 Discussions


    Question 1 day ago on Step 5

    This is surely knitting, not weaving!
    In this case, being worked on a "knit- loom" (deceptively and annoyingly termed by some).
    However, the structure being formed is one of the single-element loopings, this one classed as knitting. Nice idea for recycling though!


    Seems to me that this one falls under knitting (and/or recycling), not weaving.