D.I.Y Xbox 360 Battery Case EASY (No Net Required)

Hello people!
Stephen Podgórski here with his first Instructable, how to make an Xbox 360 battery case. This is the easiest method out there to make an Xbox 360 battery case because for this one DOES NOT require a cardboard net like others do.

Step 1: Obtain Your Materials

Materials you will need:-
1 Xbox 360 controller without the battery case
2 AA batteries
Some aluminium foil
Sticky tape
And some tissue

Step 2: Place the Batteries in Correctly

This is the trickiest bit, finding the correct way to place the batteries in without referring to the battery case.
If you look inside the controller where the metal springs are, you will see a + on the left and a - on the right. This shows you which way to put the batteries in.
Make sure there is a gap in between the 2 batteries as this is what the case is supposed to do for the batteries

Step 3: Put the Tissue In

Place some tissue in between the 2 batteries. This just makes sure that the batteries don't move out of place.

Step 4: Put the Aluminium Foil In

Now grab a lot of aluminium foil (not like I did in the picture), and fold it until it can fit over the top of the batteries. Then slide it in, making sure it is evenly placed on the tops of both batteries.

Step 5: Finish With Sticky Tape

Now place some sticky tape over the batteries to keep them in place (obviously, what else would they do?).
Now attempt to turn the controller on.
If it doesn't work the first time, try using more aluminium foil.
Make sure the batteries aren't flat before using them.



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    1 year ago

    i made it and it works great! thanks


    2 years ago

    Great project, my controllers seem to always stop working because of bad battery holders. I will try this out :D

    1 reply