DIY Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount - [Spaghetti Can]

We got a Kinect for Christmas and absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I didn't like how much space was needed when placed at the bottom of the TV. I decided to make a mount out of stuff I had around the house since the TV mounts I saw at the stores were over $40! I figured I'd make a mount and use the money I saved to buy another game!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Gather all of your materials:

Spaghetti can
Black duck tape 
Scissors (not in pic)
Velcro (I used industrial strength)

Step 2: Prep Can

Take the spaghetti can and carefully remove the label as you will use this as your template.  Wash the can thoroughly and cut along seam (careful with the sharp edges)  Flatten the can by  bending it with your hands or stepping on it lightly.

Step 3: Create Template

Take the label you removed from the spaghetti can and place it on the TV to form the shape of the mount.  

Step 4: Duck Tape Can

Take your duck tape and tape the entire can.  This will prevent your tv from being scratched and allow it to grip.  After you've taped it, form it to the shape of your template.

Step 5: Mounting

Place a strip of velcro on your new mount and securely mount to the tv, then place another strip of velcro under the Kinect and press down onto your mount.  Enjoy!!!

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    8 years ago on Step 5

    This is a great idea!!! I was going to try some complicated thing out of wood or metal attached to the wall or entertainment center, but this is much simpler and it is easily removable, which I really like. Thanks for the idea. ;-)