DIY Youth Knight Costumes With Helmet, Sword, and Gauntlets


Introduction: DIY Youth Knight Costumes With Helmet, Sword, and Gauntlets

Our son wanted to be a knight this year so I did a bit or research and finally came up with this.  I made the spats out of vinyl, fabric tunic, "chainmail" with head cover, vinyl belt, the helmet  was a whey protein bucket, duct tape gauntlets, and a duct tape sword.  Even his stuffed dog, Yapper, has matching costumes.  



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    I made the gauntlets using a pair of fabric gloves as base then I used little pieces of duct tapes to mould around the fingers and palm, leaving a small gap between knuckles and joints so the fingers remained functional. The upper part of the gauntlets was texturized fabric, I cut just enough to make a cone then Velcro them close.

    i no longer like instructables... downloading this requires premium?? WTF?

    good project. I just made a beefed up version of the helmet and sword.

    this is amazing. I have done a lot with duct tape in my time but I've never seen anything like the upper portion of the gauntlets. I can't see the instructions (if you offer them for that specific portion of the gloves) so I was wondering what you used to make the design? Its beautiful.

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    Thanks! But honestly I cheated the upper part of the gauntlets because it's not duct tape. It's actually texturized fabric. You can buy it in a store or texturize a piece of fabric of your choice at home. In that case, you will need to have a sewing machine, of course.

    Thank you! The dog (Yapper) is my son's favorite stuffy. Yapper gets a costume that matches my son's every year. Last year my son was Harry Potter and Yapper was Hairy Yapper. The year before my son was a Viking warrior and Yapper was a Viking dog. When my son was Batman Yapper was Batdog. It's a lot of fun dressing up the dog and they always look cute together. :-)

    Oh, you entered it right! But you can enter more than one contest and this would be great for the Easy Costume Contest as well :D