DIY Z Axis Slide for Homemade Vertical Mill Router

Homemade Vertical Mill Router need Z axis, you can hand make it very easy and cheap


2 pcs 25 mm Linear Ball Bearing Motion CNC Bearing
2 pcs SHF25 Size 25mm Linear Rail Shaft 400 mm - 25 mm Linear Rail CNC Promotion

2 pcs 25 mm Slide Liear none cover

2 Pcs 200 mm x 70 mm x 12 mm Aluminium Alloy 6061
1 Pcs 200 mm x 65 mm x 16 mm Aluminium Alloy 6061...... make 2 hole 40 mm and 1 hole 20 mm center

More Homemade Vertical Milling Machine very cheap DIY Slide Mechanism CNC here:



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