DIY Zebra Printed Rug

Introduction: DIY Zebra Printed Rug

I'm Jeanne, from JandJHome.  My sister had her eye on the West Elm Safari Rug for some time. She wanted it for a small nook in her dining room. We went to the store to pick it up, but the size that she needed was only available for delivery. Bringing the cost of the rug to about $130.00.  Not wanting to spend so much on the rug, we decided to DIY one of our own. We spent a couple of days trying to find a cheap enough rug, the right size, that would work. She found the perfect one at Ross for $8.99.

We made a stencil out of wax paper and used latex paint to paint our rug. 

We were actually quite shocked at how incredible it looks. There are no texture issues and the rug looks amazing. What do you think? What a way to save about $110.00. We can't remember what the can of paint cost, but figure about $20.00 for the whole project. It's not a high traffic area, so we think the durability will be fine. If you want to see more details about the project, please stop by

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    6 years ago

    Wow! Amazing! Beautiful! That's 3 words to describe this!