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Intro: DIY Zipper Pull Jewelry

Making of Zipper Pull earrings and necklace are so simple and fun. It is a great idea for gifts. Here I used silver zipper pulls, you can try this tutorial with your choice of zipper pull colors and designs.

Step 1: Things Required

5 Zipper pulls ( 2 identical pairs)

1 pair of Earring Posts and backs

1 pair of Earring hooks

1 Chain

4 Jump rings

Adhesive glue

Step 2: Zipper Pull Earring - Method 1

1. Grab earring post, glue it and stick it on the flat surface of zipper pull.

3. Let it dry for couple of hours.

Step 3: Zipper Pull Earring - Method 2

1. Grab jump ring and earring hook, connect one another.

2. Now connect the zipper pull with top of the jump ring.

Step 4: Zipper Pull Necklace

1. Grab chain and 2 jump rings, connect jump rings on each ends of the chain.

2. Now connect the zipper pull with the jump rings.



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    4 years ago on Introduction


    I'd just be worried someone would want to yank on those ear rings. Youch!