DIY a Knife Without Any Tools




Introduction: DIY a Knife Without Any Tools

In cities, villages and towns, in every corner of the scattered some of the common construction waste, the broken glass.

Broken glass is almost everywhere, and is also very dangerous. Since the childhood parents will education their children not to touch the broken glass.

It is believed that many people here have an experience hurt by broken glasses. The hardness of glass is very high, but the glass is also very brittle. And after broken, it has a very sharp edge section.

Well, I was going to DIY flint knives, but cannot find a suitable in plain area of flint, so I go to find a broken glass which is everywhere

Glass knife is a kind of extremely simple cutters, just like bamboo knife, but not everywhere have bamboos, after all. If your hands are empty, need to cut something but cannot find metal components, the Glass is the best choice.

WARNING: this tutorial is a certain risk, please pay attention to wear protective devices, minors need to be accompanied by adult while producing, please do not operate indoors

WARNING: if the product is used for dangerous purposes, the author will not be responsible for any loss

WARNING: the shard of glass is easy to scratch. Glass pieces will be produced. Please wear the relevant protective devices

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Step 1: Select Materials

First of all, find appropriate shards of

glass shape from a pile of broken glass. There is not a specific requirement of the shape, the one you can take in your hand is ok. Different shapes of shards of glass can be made into different knives. Be careful so that the glass cannot hurt you.

Step 2: Make the Handle

Grinding the handle part on the ground to make it blunt, or tie up on something to prevent injury when using. Cloth, rope are both right choices. In short,you can use whatever you have

Step 3: Make the Blade

First find a gap, such as seam floor tile, ceramic tile seam, anyhow find a seam. The road of granite floor tile seems to be a good choice.

Inserted the side of the blade gap, generally insert 1-2 mm, the shape of the blade with different depth is also different.

Then break off backward. Remember, the faster the better. And the direction must be the same.

Step 4: FINISH

After finishing one side, you will have a sharp blade. The depth of the insert and the distance are more accurate, the blade is more perfect.

Edge on one side is ok.

Step 5: Products Display

Because the glass is very fragile, glass knife is easy to break. Although even if it is broken, there will be a new sharp edge. But I still recommend shorter glass knife, such as inch knife.

Because glass is generally thin, you can increase thickness with wood or paper to wrap tight, or simply more points.

If finding strange shapes of glass, you can also have fun.

Larger cutting tool can also be made, as long as you find the right glass. Pay attention when use it.

Glass cutter has the advantage of materials, and its production process is very simple. Novice can also complete the blade in just 30 seconds.

Glass cutting also applies to arrow and finger, etc

Step 6: The End

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    4 years ago

    Very neat idea! I like it a lot.


    4 years ago

    Interesting. More details on the wrapping of the handle would be cool.