DIY Ad-hoc Laptop Riser

Introduction: DIY Ad-hoc Laptop Riser

A riser elevates the laptop to make a gap beneath it. This quarter inch of space lets hot air escape and reduces heat to the desks surface. This isn't quite sturdy enough to be a stand and it lacks any device that could make it a cooler. It's really a temporary solution for a stand designed for heat dispersal. Obviously it's less effectual than a cooling system, but more of a convenience if a cooler isn't available. This might be the cheapest, quickest, easiest way to make a gap of space, but it's also the crudest.

Step 1: Cut Up the Cardboard

Originally the idea was done with folded paper wedges, but thick drink coasters have also been used. These risers are cut from a piece of double stacked cardboard. The shift to a composite material uses corrugation to add to breath ability. The gutters in the corrugation aim toward each corner to guide heat away from the laptops surface area. If this were incorporated into a cooler stand, the air would be able to pass through each cardboard corner with out resistance. If a desk fan was aimed at the tables' surface, winds could still ventilate the gap but still not as efficiently as fan directly beneath it.

Step 2: Finished

From this idea a more permanent solution could be made, though the materials are not as accessible to come by. Ideally this would be made from durable corrugated plastic board. Then the top and bottoms of the pieces would be painted with liquid rubber grip. So this can really be considered a functional model. It's a simple model but, still just about the quickest, most portable and disposable laptop riser.

5-1-08 Try the riser out in combination with the Macbook Pro Cooler. Everything on this desk except the fan and the speakers were transported here in a milk crate, This temporary work station runs very cool, not much excess wind disturbance either.



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    "It's a Cheap thing; if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand."

    I just HAD to rip off the old "It's a Jeep thing..." ad.

    I'm looking at making a variety of simple risers using pvc conduit, w/ and w/o T's and elbows. Just something simple I can cram in my bag.

    It certainly addresses recyclabliity! I believe the most profane inventions are usually the simplest ones.

    Here's my idea for a laptop riser:
    4 soda bottle caps with the open side up and placed under the "feet" of the laptop.

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    iBook G4 *drools* my laptop (averatec 3700) kinda looks like that (12")

    I used to do this with old floppy disks I had lying around. I didn't have them that far under though, just enough to keep the computer elevated...

    nice but tramps sleep in cardboard because it has fantastic heat holding abilities so you might wanna pick a material that is a bit less insulative brother also, rubber riser feet have been on sale for years for just a couple of $ , where you been bro? your cardboard risers are also VERY big and may infact be blocking air intakes underneath your laptop which could cause some SERIOUS malfunction of your lappy make sure the vents are clear! you only need it raised on 4 'points' ... not slabs hehehe other than that constructive critiscism, well done!

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    Well I've kind moved on from this riser, it was temporary. Now I use a scavenged stand from a radio. One of these days I'm gonna win that Zalman cooler off ebay, I just know it.

    I have been wondering if I should do something like this. My laptop (when running WinXP) is really really hot! Its so hot that it has melted my "Genuine Windows Product" sticker on the bottom. I think I will give this a try. Thanks for a good idea!

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    get yourself some rubber riser feet do not copy this, you could end up defeating the object of your invention and destroying your laptop through a blocked vent and overheating it fair warning brother ....

    Actually, power consumption by the OS does make a huge difference. When I run Ubuntu LInux my laptop battery can last around 2.5 hours with similar settings as I would have in XP. Under XP I would only get about 60 to 90 minutes. It also makes a huge difference in what you're doing how the OS responds to it. The more power a system uses the more heat it's going to generate by using that power.