DIY Baby Sinker

I have a little sister (2 years old) and she knows how to wash hands, but my house's sinkers are too tall to her, resulting that she has always the  hands dirty. So, I decided to make a small sinker to help her. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to keep it portable, so, I put a quick coupler on it. it has also a second tap to regulate the flow of water.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials you need are this:
a bucket,
a bottle,
a pice of hose,
a 3/4 quick coupler,
a 3/4 garden tap,
a wc tap (mine was an old one),
two brackets,
a garden tap hose coupler.

Step 2: The Stand

To do the stand, get the bucket and make 4 holes in it (consider the bucket upside down)
One the size of hollow of the water bucket on top,
another in the top, the size of the WC tap,
one in the bottom of the side to the wastewater hose,
and finally one in the middle of the side to the water feeding.

Step 3: The Sinker

To do the sinker, cut the bottle's top on the second hollow, remove the handle and modify the lid.
To modify the lid disassemble the garden tap's hose coupler, keep the threaded part and use the rubber and the hose record. Put the rubber in the hose's side. Cut a hole in the lid a little smaller than the record and pass the record throw it. is very important that the hole is a little smaller than the record or it will leak. thread the lid in the bottle and connect the hose on it.

Step 4: The Plumbing

to do the plumbing mount the WC tap in the top hole, use the threaded part of the hose coupler between the bucket and the tap's hole becouse the bucket is too thin to thread it. Mount another piece of hose using the brackets in the bottom of the WC tap and the garden tap. pass the threaded part of the garden tap throw the previous hole in the bucket and mount the quick coupler in the outside.

Step 5: The Assembling

To assemble it lock the sinker in the hole using the 1st hollow and pass the wastewater hose in the destinated hole.
to mount it connect a hose in the quick coupler and put the watewater hose in the sewer.

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