DIY by Hand Bedroom Celling & Wall Designing

Insul-foam wall and celling designs..

Step 1: First Step: Tools

Tools you will need:

• Insul-foam

• Tape measure

• indoor paint

• cutting knife

• joint conpound

• scraping knife

• caulking gun w/apoxy

• putty knife

Step 2: Second Step: Remove Old Celling

In this step you are going to be scrapping off the old celling using the scraping knife, You may also want to use a little water in a spray bottle to help loosen if needed..

Step 3: Third Step: Measurement's & Cutting

For the third step you will need to measure and cut your insul-foam to fit however you choose for your design..

Step 4: Fourth Step: Applying Insul-Foam & Joint Compound

For this step you will use ur calking gun w/apoxy to apply your insul-foam to the celling or walls which ever u choose to design.

In this step you will also use the joint compound with the putty knife to apply the joint compound to the insul-foam after you have applied it to the celling or wall with the apoxy, be sure to fully cover all areas of your insul-foam with the joint compound and you will need to smooth out all of your joint compound before it dries, u may want to sand it a bit after its dry if u prefer. (but be careful as the compound doesn't stick fully until you apply the paint..)

Step 5: Fifth Step: Painting

The last and final step is painting you will need to choose your paint and color and you will need to use the paint with the primer in it or u can also buy them separate which ever you prefer but the primer is a important as it helps to harden the joint compound..



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    Nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

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