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Introduction: DIY Camera Shoulder Rest

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Do you use a camcorder, do you have problems with the shakes, then you need one of these. It bolts to the tripod mounting on the camcorder and turns your camcorder into a shoulder mount.

Very easy to make and use for only 12 Euro.

Easily made from a aluminium gutter support. You might have to alter the length and the bend to suit your own camcorder. The Replacement sponge from a Plastic smoothener is used for the shoulder rest.

Step 1: Get Your Gear Together.

You need the following:

1.) a aluminium gutter support
2.) and another aluminium gutter support
3.) The Replacement sponge from a Plastic smoothener
4.) 2 Bolts and washers M 10
5.) 1 bolt for the tripod mounting of your camcorder

Step 2: Cut Off the Edges.

Step 3: Drill Two Holes

Drill two 11 mm holes. The placement of the holes depends on the size of your camera.

Step 4: Tighten the Two Bolds

Step 5: Create a Threat for the Bold of Your Tripod Mounting.

I’ve used an old screw to create a threat. I know there are more professional ways of doing this, but I don’t have the right tools.

Step 6: Attach the Tripod Mounting Bold

Step 7: Cut Off a Strip of Rubber

Measure the width of the aluminium strip. Cut off a strip of rubber slightly wider than the aluminium strip.

Step 8: Attach the Rubber to the Aluminium Strip

I’d used a roll of double sided tape, but perhaps it will be better to use glue.

Step 9: Attach the Camera

Attach the camera and start to shoot great movies.

Please let me know if you find this instructable useful or not.



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    26 Discussions

    Really cool 'ible, but am I the only one wondering if his d- and t-keys have switched place?

    I'm going to try this one out and hope it improves my ergonomics using the camera :)

     Hahaha mooi gedaan!

    Ahahaha ik zie Teletubies :P

    yes, useful, very simple, very nice idea, maybe something of a handle next time, i'v designed a few rigs myself but haven't made anything yet, i made a dolly from and part of the stabilizer, but that's not finished yet. thanks for the tips!

    1 reply

    You can get a Stedybrace from that is cheap, light and very user friendly. I just purchased one from them a while back to do some church videos. It's been a life saver and I am not the kind of guy to "build it yourself". I paid $50 bucks for it.

    This is a really nice and lightweight design I look forward to trying myself. A few years ago I designed my own shoulder rest that has a little more functionality. You can check it out at WWAngle. Thanks for the great instructable.

    1 reply

    Omg... you have Proffesional camera ... i have Sony HandyCam DCR-DVD109 i has night shot steady shot etc but... yours is not in the camcorder categories :D

    Cool. one question. does this have the same effect as a steadycam? BTW. Threat in step 5 should be Thread

    This is awesome... I'd cut off a little more on the shoulder mount (so you could pivot up if you needed to...), but outside of that, I'd say this is a perfect mod, and cheap and easy too...

    this is just too cool. Can we modify this for a video light and a boom mic?

    you can also make yourself a small pillow like thing, to glue in the shoulder piece ;) further i think thsi is a great idea, but i dont think i have another tripod-bolt, maybe i can take it but i tohught, i coudn't still a great istrctable, nice clear pics, all we now need is a video :P alty


    11 years ago

    Flippin' sweet! Needed something like this for my Broadcasting class for a while, and now I got it! I am SO having my kids build a few of these...

    Nice repurposing. Gotta remember those pieces for shoulder contour following. Like the ideas as well. Two suggestions 1:counterweight extension in back. I suppose the clearance you would get in back would be a function of how much weight you were willing to add overall. The upside is a balancing point on your shoulder. 2:support collar with strut that hooks into the change pocket of your jeans. Supports the weight and steadies the cam with less overall weight, but leaves it open to more lateral roll.

    1 reply

    Great idea, I can use a battery for lighting as counterweight.