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Introduction: DIY Carbon Tape Taser-proof Jacket

About: DIY carbon heated clothing.
I'm sure you're strong enough to protect yourself and your loved ones from the bad guys. But what if a criminal suddenly attacked from behind? And what if he had a Taser?

You can in just one hour make a high-quality Taser / stun gun proof clothing from your jacket, hoodie, trousers, coat or gloves.
All you need to do is just to fix a carbon tape inside your clothes.
Tape is very good conductor of electricity, so the electric current passes through the tape and your body will not cause any harm, you will be perfectly safe.
And most importantly, your clothes appearance did not change, apparently they will remain the same as they were. They will be as soft and comfortable as they were bacause the carbon tape to the touch like a simple ordinary silk cloth. But now they will have a new, unusual property - electroshock veapon proof!

Step 1:

For my jacket I used 48 feet of carbon tape 44 mm from (and now on Amazon) and iron-on no-sew hem tape.

Now I think that could be spent only 32 feet tape and do not make the jacket but a vest, as human hands are not as sensitive to the Taser as a body.

Step 2:

Make a cut at the bottom of the lining of the jacket.

Step 3:

Put a strip of iron-on no-sew hem tape, top with a strip of carbon tape. Press with an iron.
Convenient to operate if cut small pieces of carbon tape and spread it inside his jacket, like a mosaic.
Place the strips of carbon tape as close as possible to each other, to avoid gaps.

Step 4:

Step by step, fill the entire area of your jacket with the carbon tape.
Pull the sleeves inside out and fix carbon tape on the sleeves too.

Step 5:

Carbon fiber is composed entirely of carbon. It does not burn and does not stain your body or clothing.

Step 6:

Sew lining. That's all.

You got a great taser proof jacket provides 100% protection!

14.03.2014. I must admit that I was partially wrong. We just tried a more powerful stun gun 800,000 volts. We installed two sewing needles on it and pierced the carbon tape. On the needles remained voltage of about 150 volts.
Yes, the person will feel the electric strike.
Yes, we need an extra hard layer.

Please do not do experiments with electricity on humans and animals. This can cause serious injury or death!



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    Trying to defeat non lethal weapons such as tasers results in the escalation of the use of force by law enforcement. If you are trying to defeat taking a taser shock from a police officer you are significantly increasing the possibility that lethal force would be necessary and even justified. A judge would most likely agree if evidence was produced that the suspect was wearing clothing adapted to defeat law enforcement tazers. As for personal protection...a neat idea but a constant awareness of your surroundings and maintaining a six foot personal bubble is a hundred times more effective. ;-)

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    and if you can t run, how are you going to protect yourself?

    One of the good things in Europe: The law enforcement are allways "the good guys" and violence is very rare, also stun guns/tasers are not used and about to be banned in the EU

    Not all European police are "the good ones", at least not always.
    As for tasers in police's hands, Spain had just approved them for Mossos (the Catalan police, the ones you see most in Barcelona whom are involved in many cases of torture and police brutality, sometimes leading to death).
    I'll share this with friends, thank you!

    I'm sorry but you're wrong. Those police are not catalan. They are fascist castilians, and often times those cases are acted against catalans. If you're going to accuse a community of people of doing something, at least get you're facts straight.

    I won;t say its universal, but normally the cops over here are the good guys also. Its the media trying to stir up racial tensions )keeps people pf the real and important issues) that over emphasizes the few bad apples in the bunch. If you want proof of this simply look online to research BOTH sides of the cases in the past few years that the media has covered to make police look bad. No, I am not a police officer or in any way associated with them.

    You're right, and you're wrong.

    Most cops are good guys COMPARED to the trash they've been dealing with lately in the news. The "gentle giant" and his peers were worse than the average police officer by far. However, people like that don't scare me particularly because I carry a gun and look like someone who would be more trouble than it's worth to screw with. I'm not scared of street criminals because they're rare and I don't look like a good target.

    What does concern me is if I got attacked by someone like that (robbery, burglary, whatever) there's a 50/50 chances that I'd be charged with a goddamn crime. Except, I don't have a hoard of union lawyers to cover my ass, and a whole department of yes men who take every opportunity they have on the air to vouch for me. I don't have a cozy relationship with the forensics team. I'm not on a first name basis with the prosecutor, and I don't have a anybody watching my back on the grand jury selection process. I'll also have someone in my face before my barrel is cold lying to me that I have to tell them what happened and there's no need to wait for a lawyer.

    The police can count on my vote to cut their budgets and defund their pensions each and every opportunity that affords until "blue line" has no more meaning in the English lexicon. It doesn't matter how few "bad apples" there are if you need absolutely insurmountable evidence before you can even have an impartial investigation. I don't care how few "bad apples" you have if you will not hold them accountable for anything.

    Most automotive manufacturing union members were ok people, but they never took the trouble to oust the "bad apples" from leadership and membership. In fact, there are many similarities between auto unions and police unions. Auto unions turned Detroit into a third world country. Police unions will turn America into a totalitarian state.

    Even in Europe, law enforcement are not always "the good guys", they primarily protect business and government interests against the people they are supposed to protect and who pay most of the taxes which support and pay the police. The Ukraine is a recent example of where the police killed peaceful protesters.

    Iward16, I 'd like to think most of the people reading this are good people. Personally, I'd wear it. I wouldn't do anything to provoke the tasing to begin with. And for the kind of cop that's going to hit you with a taser for doing nothing.. you may already be lined up for a bullet. But while I'm busy not doing anything to provoke him, if he hits me with it, I'm just going to throw my hands up immediately and say something like, "I'm not resisting. Here are my hands."

    Or maybe I'll just fake it? Flop around like a fish for his amusement until he feels safe.

    The Gestapo didn't carry tasers because they weren't invented yet. But they would have if given the opportunity. After all, they wanted the resistance alive. It would give them a chance to "reason" with the captives. Current day, tasers are used as tool to keep the political heat off of police departments because they've saved lots of mentally ill and drugged out people from getting shot. Before I die, at some point they will primarily be appreciated for their ability to keep someone alive until the interrogation.

    The people reading this are not here because they're planning some petty crime and want taser protection. They want to know how to die with their principles intact. In the future of this country, bullet could still give you an honorable death. A taser will never lead to one.

    Or maybe I'll just fake it? Flop around like a fish for his amusement until he feels safe.

    Cops often seem more interested in domination than feeling safe.

    Although this jacket might help if you were trying to ward off a random stun-gun wielding assailant, I doubt that it would be much help if you were tazed by law enforcement. The tasers that cops use are equipped with barbed needles, designed specifically to punch through clothing and lodge into your skin, so that they charge goes directly into your flesh. But I agree with Iward, that NOT foiling a cops use of a taser is a good thing. Because if the taser doesn't work, the next thing that he's going to do is go for his gun. Moral of the story, don't wear this coat if you're going to do something illegal. It is also a pretty good bet that if you wore anti-taser clothing and did get into an altercation with police, you'd end up with extra charges in court, as has happened when suspects have shown up in bullet proof vests or equipped with gas masks.

    I would like to see a test of it. The only reason that the barbed taser would work is it the current decided to go through the body instead of the tape. After all, the prongs would have to go through the carbon tape to get to the skin, and would still be in contact with the tape as the voltage started. It would be odd if the current preferred to force it's way through the body instead of go through the minimal resistance tape.

    I looked up this article because a projectile taser is not primarily a defensive weapon. It CAN be used as a defensive weapon to buy time to run away, but so can CS gas. It is about as defensive as CS.

    Maybe you've got the wrong idea about people looking here. I don't think it's common criminals. They aren't very smart, and tend to want to run away if confronted. The most sure way to defeat a taser is get more than 30 feet away from the person holding it. People who want to defeat tasers aren't running away though.

    You're right, cops would probably go overboard, like 9/10 already, and jump straight to, "Kill him!" -and a judge would probably say, "I'm not going to do my job and make an intelligent decision on this viewing it from all angles and taking into account culture and society. Besides, the prosecution won that game of golf where I bet him an auto win if he beat me."

    It has become tragically apparent that the threat of police violence has very little to do with any rational decision, but much to do with the individual LEO. You are as likely to be shot as to be tasered and choked to death, whether you are a perceived threat or not. In most cases, the perceived threat is manufactured after the fact, based on what is thought to be the easiest farce to swallow. Law enforcement on the US border has developed the skill to to kill fairly often with these "non lethal" devices. So anything that increases your odds of surviving an encounter with a cop is a good thing. The fact that it can help with a civilian mugger is an added benefit - not every taser wielding thug is wears a uniform.

    Even in training for firearms use it is demonstrated that an attacker can be inside a 20 foot space in seconds. All in all, being a law abiding citizen, this is a very good idea. If its the cops, fake it. At least you aren't hurt from it. ;)

    Bingo. If the cops are trying to tase you, you probably already ignored previous reasonable requests. But if a jerk rogue cop tases you out of the blue, just fake it even if one of the leads failed to attach or whatever. You don't want them to escalate up the force continuum because the taser didn't work for them. At the same time, if a bad cop tases you for no reason, you probably should be thinking very quickly about a plan B. Thankfully bad cops are a very small percentage of cops overall.

    lward16 nailed it. I'd add that the size of the "bubble" depends on the situation. A person 21' away with knife, bat, 2x4, or other potentially lethal non-projectile weapon can strike you within a couple of seconds just by rushing you. Best advice is to avoid situations and places that require big "bubbles" if at all possible.

    Well said. If you were a police officer and the person who you regarded as enough of a threat to taser shrugs it off what would you do? I would suggest many would simply take out their pistol and shoot the taser resistant individual.