DIY Clover Lamp Made From Paper Squares




About: Find the craft you like in EzyCraft tutorials in youtube. It is a great resource for you to make paper crafts, ranging from template card, origami to decor DIY.

This lamp appears to be covered by clovers. However it is made of 30 squares. As shown in the video, by sliding between short and long slits on the card, a sphere is formed. It is an easy painless project.

Basically you need thick sketching paper (225gsm) or thin card, so that the square can be bent temporarily in the process, while maintaining its original shape.

Other tools include craft knife, double-sided tape and super glue.

Check out the fully instructed video.

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi dtpit, the video should be readily available in intructables. If you can not access it, here is the link