DIY Colorful-wooden Coasters



You want to pimp your dining table a bit?
You want to impress your friends?
You want to do it yourself?

Here you go with my idea of DIY colorful-wooden coasters! :D

Step 1: Get the Stuff

All you need:
- pieces of plywood. I got these round ones from a handcrafting supply store.check out yours! Otherwise get some wood, cut out pieces and use sandpaper to smooth them.
- tape
- acrylic paint + brush

Step 2: Create Your Personal Design

Use a pencil to lightly draw on the wood. It's up to you what pattern you want to do!
I chose something that looks like a pie chart^^ And my second try was a design of tringles.

Step 3: Secure the Areas

After you have decided which pattern you want to go for and you have drawn it on the wood pieces, use the tape to tape around the areas you want to paint first.
This way you paint easy,safe and clean.

Step 4: Color!

Not it's time to use your acrylic paint. Use a brush and paint the areas you want to.
I used blue for my first round.

If you want to use more then one color, let the first one dry completely, remove the tape and start with step 3again!
Same goes for any other color added.

Step 5: My Coasters!

Blue-brown-ish pie chart coasters^^

And orange-mint-white triangle coasters

Step 6: Using Them!

Now that you have created your own DIY colorful-wooden coasters, be sure to get a reward ;)

Cheers guys!



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