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Hi! my name is Felipe, an I live in Colombia, wich is my byrth country, I am part of the Geek com...

This is a very easy to make compass, it is very simple and fast to make.

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Step 1: What Will You Need?

-A piece of wool
-A needle
-A bowl

Step 2: Pour Water in the Bowl

Pour the water in the bowl, you don't need to use an especial measurement, only some water.

Step 3: Add the Grass

Put the grass on the water, flotating; it is better to put it in the center of the bowl.

Step 4: Magnetize the Needle

Rub the needle in the wool, by 15-30 seconds, the needle will magnetize.

Step 5: Finish

Put the needle over the gras, and wait until it points to the north, it will pont to it by a few seconds, buet will be the suficient to let you know where is it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    so which end of the needle will point to the north ?