Coppercoil Winder From a Fishing Reel




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Many people only think about making from a fishing reel a coil winder. This coppercoil winder, for small coils, is doing the job very well. One turn of the reel handle makes four turns of the coil. You have to take away the bail, the line roller and the line spool from the fishing reel. From an aluminium strip you make a U-shape to attach to the winder with two bolts. In the middle is a hole for the central up/down spindle. The drag adjustment becomes the new spool holder. The wire guide makes evenly distributed windings at the spool. At top of the wire guide is a piece of printboard with holes for winding more wires parallel at the spool. The video speaks for it's own.

Step 1: The Video of the Coil Winder



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    3 years ago

    Just wanted to say your project gave me some inspiration on using the fishing reel.

    Love what you came up with btw.

    I been thinking on making some hand crank generators for cell phone chargers etc., and this seems to fit nicely to wire a coil and magnets to. Given the mechanics are made already in the fishing reel. Thanks for the inspiration flash.


    3 years ago

    awsome !!! Always admire man's creativity mind....never stops suprises me. Explain please what is the need of the structure that passes the wire...(that maded with a prototype pcb piece)


    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    The PCB piece is there because it does not scrape the enamel isolation from the copperwire. The wider the coil the higher the selected hole for passing the wire. It is even possible to wind 2 or more wires to the spool; this for special coils I need.


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks for your immediate reply.