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Introduction: DIY Desoldering Pump Container

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This is a simple DIY project for soldering/desoldering.

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Step 1: Gather the Tools and Materials Needed

gather, not buy!

materials needed:
-medicine bottle (like on the pic above.)
-two pennies, one should a little bigger than the other.
-a piece of paper (c)

-dremel or rotary tool (mine's homemade.)(a)
-glue gun and a glue stick (b)
-xacto knife (d)
-glue or masking tape (e)
-drill bit for the rotary tool (f)
-sanding bit (g)

Step 2: Removing the Sticker and Drilling.

now get your medicine bottle and remove the sticker, and then using my homemade rotary tool i drilled the sides of the end cap to form a circle. After that using my xacto knife I cut the drilled plastic to remove it from the cap.

Step 3: Step 2: It Should Look Like This.

Step 4: Sanding..... and Sanding..

using my rotary tool again a sand the edges of the cap to make sure there are no rough sides. (that will help the desoldering pump to not stick to the bottle when placed.)

Step 5: Cutting...

next is using my xacto knife a gently removed the head of the bottle, DON'T THROW OR DESTROY THE HEAD!!! we'll put it back later...

Step 6: Making the Nozzle.

next is get you pump and a piece of paper. using your paper wrap it to the pump shown above. using a glue or tape, tape/glue the sides of the paper. it should look like one last pic above.. and then check if the paper nozzle fits to the bottle head.

Step 7: Work Work Work....

to make the nozzle stronger i paint it using a varnish and then let it dry for a day, and then put the nozzle on the medicine bottle head. using your glue gun fill the surrounding edges of the bottle head shown in the pic2. when the glue dries, check if the pump fits LOOSE on the bottle head. if it is tight, sand the edges.. the result is on the pics...

Step 8: Putting It Back Together...

using a glue gun I just carefully put the bottle head back to the body...

Step 9: Last Step...

and lastly, i carefully cut the bottom part of the bottle without destroying the part that I get rid off (because i'll put it back later..)
now for the pennies, just use the second pic as a refence. the bottom penny is the smaller penny, on the center we have the part of the bottle that I get rid off an the top penny is the bigger penny.. using a hot glue gun I glued them together. now we have a removable bottom cap, it is used if the bottle is full of lead, open it and shake the bottle to remove the leads... the removable cap is shown above..

Step 10: And DONE!!!!

and now you got yourself a container for all the nasty leads that falling off you pump if you're desoldering. you can attach it to you soldering workstation or just put it on a table.

if you have any question just leave it in the comments... :)

more instrutables on the way!!!


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    Reply 5 years ago

    thanks! I'm planning to install it to my homemade soldering station. but that instructable is still under development hahahahahahaha, here's a sneak preview...