D.I.Y. Disney Ariel Inspired Watch/fabric Watch

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Many years of a girl's life is passed by thinking herself as a disney princess.I'm not indifferent.Disney movies always inspire me.so my diy is about making a beautiful but very simple watch from elastic fabric which is solely inspired by one of my favorite Disney princess Ariel who used to love finding little things like me..

Step 1: 1.Gather the Materials: Elastic Fabric,watch,needle and Thread

I have showed elastic and other fabrics.you can use them as well.I'll show that in my next tutorial

Step 2: 2.now Put Thread in the Needle and Start Sewing.

you can use your sewing machine for it

Step 3: 3.after Sewing It's Ready!

now,wear it and be like Disney princess Ariel...& find little things !



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