DIY Drawer Organizers Made From Cardboard and Contact Paper

I decided to make some drawer organizers for my small utensil drawer.  I originally had some different sized boxes as organizers, but I wanted it more organized and something that would fit the length of my silverware.  This was my first time making these, so it's not perfect, but it works.

1-Gather some cardboard, cereal boxes, or anything sturdy.  You can also get contact paper, gift wrap or paper to decorate the cardboard. 

2-measure the height, width, and length of the drawer.

3-cut strips of cardboard to fit the length or width of the drawer, making them a bit longer is best, then you can cut to fit.

4- after you decide where you want the dividers, cut slits halfway down, about 1/4" across where the two pieces of cardboard will meet.  make sure they fit correctly.

5- attach the contact paper/fabric/gift wrap around the cardboard.  Make slits again where your original slits are at.

6-attach all pieces together and organize!

7-for the utensil dividers, I used contact paper to attach both sides of the divider to the parallel divider.  no slits were made in that one. 

This is my first instructable, I have yet to figure out how to make descriptions under each picture :/

Next is making a cardboard cabinet for my toilet paper rolls, adding pictures to my white cabinet in the bathroom, and making reed diffuser oils.



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