DIY Drawer Pulls

Step 1:

1. you'll need a bolt with a nut that has a flat head. the head needs to be big enough to adhear putty to or you can add a washer.

Step 2:

2. JB weld waterweld putty works nicely or you can use a two part quick dry epoxy.

Step 3:

3. decide your theme or choose what you want to use as the pulls, be creative. I used heart shaped rocks I found at a creek, and on the other I used tumbled glass and small pieces of driftwood and a quartz crystal to add the bling factor.

Step 4:

4. cut a small piece of your putty epoxy and follow mixing instructions.

Step 5:

5. layer you chosen items and use the putty to attach them together, let dry. approximatly 10 to 15 min acording to how thick the putty was applied.

Step 6: get your bolt and washer, make a ball with your putty apply it to back of pull then squish washer and bolt head into the ball. make sure putty covers over the edge of washer and head of botl. press putty down well.

Step 7:

7. let dry and your done!



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    This is a great way to personalize your surroundings. It used to be that #8-32 threads were the industry hardware standard, but with offshore imports it has changed to something like M4x.07.