DIY Current Voltage Controller MOT Voltage Controller Variac Rheostat

Introduction: DIY Current Voltage Controller MOT Voltage Controller Variac Rheostat

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DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME or with caution.

Pure water or distilled water has no dissolved minerals or salts resulting in poor electron transfer. When pure or distilled water contacts human skin, minerals and electrolytes present on the skin's surface are rapidly diluted into solution  (salvation) making the water conductive. So, ALL WATER, even PURE WATER mixed with electricity is dangerous and can be fatal.

Free spinning (no torque/load) AC motors on lower than rated voltage usually will not experience issues for short durations DEPENDING ON MOTOR TYPE! Low voltage with a workload or torque on the motor can reduce cooling fan speeds and increase the current (amp) draw beyond the motor's suggested operating range (nameplate current rating) resulting in stator wires overheating thereby destroying the motors life expectancy and/or instant failure. Motors requiring a high current initial start-up phase can malfunction very quickly.  Also, lower quality motors with finer windings are at risk. An example of this is an AC powered weed trimmer with an extra long extension cord from the plug source.  Number one cause of electric AC lawn equipment failure.

DIY Rheostat

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Your info on the electrical conductivity of water and pure water is excellent, more people should understand this.