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Introduction: DIY Ethnic Purse

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Bored of the usual strapped up purses and sling bags ,
try this new ethnic purse for these holidays :)
Funky and super cool.

Step 1: Requirements

1. Silk/shimmer cloth (rectangular18"X20")
2.Cotton cloth for lining (same size)
3.Golden colored thin lace 
4. Broad lace (purple color or any other) for the boundary.
6.Multi thread strand mostly golden
7.Extra decorative items or hangings.
8. sewing materials.

Step 2: Inner Lining

1. Cut both the cloth of 20" length and 18" width.
2. Take the lining cloth and fold it as shown.
3. Sew it from three sides making a pocket of the cloth.

Step 3: Lacing It Up

1. take the piece of the shimmer cloth and the broad lace.
2. place the lace horizontally on it and sew it .
3. the cloth with the sewed lace is shown.

Note: while sewing leave at-least half an inch from the bottom.

Step 4: Another Pocket

Now make another pocket of the shimmer cloth by stitching it around three sides.
make sure you stitch it inside out so that the extra cloth is not visible.

Now place the inner lining pocket inside the shimmer pocket .

Step 5: Looping

1. Make a one inch loop on the upper side which is the opened side.
2. sew it completely to make a passage .
3.attach golden thick strand of thread/ lace to make the handle.

Step 6: Hole

1. make two holes at the corner of the upper loop, half inch apart from the corner.So that you get four holes in total for threading it up.
2. You can use scissors/ heat a metal etc to make the hole. 
Note: just hole one layer of the shimmer + lining cloth.

Step 7: Threading It Up

1. Tie the lace in a safety pin/or pen cap.
2. pass it through the hole till the opposite side.
 Repeat this for the other side also.

This gives you two threads hanging from  the two extreme corners of the purse just under the handle.

Step 8: Decorate

Now tie the extreme threads that are hanging together with a bead or decorative item to get in total two threads at the two corners as shown
The choice of the bead is yours.
Note: Make sure you tie the laces properly for more efficiency you can try stitching it . 

Step 9: Pursilicious

Now flaunt off the new n latest ethnic DIY  homemade purse.

Check how it works :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like this, very pretty. I think it would be better to dewrinkle the fabric first though. I use a spray dewrinkling product on fabrics ad ribbons that can't be ironed. Going to try a couple for neices birthdays coming up.