DIY Filament Filter - Contest Entry

Intro: DIY Filament Filter - Contest Entry

Have you ever got a nozzle clog? Or maybe a dirty print? The most likely cause is in fact dirty filament. This may be surprising but it surprised me too. This instructable will show you various files and will have advice on which one to use. Please note that I do not own the files except for thing 799183 which I designed on sketchup and scaled it in makerbot makerware.

Step 1: Files

Here are the files: - the original with engravements on the bottom, you must take the filament out to install it - a much easier one, you only have to bend the filament to go through the filter - the easiest of all, just put it on the filament and a filter and you're done!

All of these need a filter to be inserted. I recommend using a sponge if you have very little available otherwise use filter foam as it is the best. (you could always use tissues! :) Put these filters on top of the extruder where the filament enters or if it has a guide tube then put it before that. You can simply wrap the filter around the filament or make a slit for it as shown above.

Step 2: Hope You Like It!

I hope you liked this instructable filled with information instead of instructions! Check out my other instructables too! Any mistakes please contact me in the comments thanks! This is a contest entry so i don't have all the photos, if you would like to see them please see my full instructable :



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