DIY for Girls : How to Make Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower




Introduction: DIY for Girls : How to Make Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower

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Ladies! This pretty DIY for Girls craft tutorial on how to make Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower that makes for such a fun art and craft activity for girls! Isn't it fun taking up quick and simple DIY Craft Ideas that turn out to be such cool crafts! A pretty Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower is the best hair accessory for girls, like a satin ribbon flower headband and a hair clip too!

This Elegant Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower can very well be used as a smart gift wrapping idea for giving your gifts a handmade decorative touch. This satin ribbon flower also works as a smart patch work idea for a little girls dress!

Watch the easy step by step tutorial on how to make DIY Kanzashi beads Satin Ribbon Flower.

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Step 1: Material Required!

The basic Craft Supplies that you need to make the Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower are :


Foam Sheet

Color paper

Satin Ribbon







Step 2: Let's Begin!

To make the satin ribbon flower take 25 pieces of satin ribbon each measuring 6 cm.

Slightly burn both the edges of the satin ribbon pieces using a lighter and seal the loose strands.

Step 3: Make the Petal!

Take a ribbon piece and fold in the corners from both the sides.

Roll inwards the base corners and sew to seal the folds.

Join both the corners by sewing them together.

Make 22 such petals for the flower.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make Satin Ribbon Flower.

Step 4: Arrange the Petals!

Arrange the petals in 3 layers and sew them together to make a flower.

Tighten the flower with each layer building up.

Step 5: Build Your Craft!

Paste a circular colored paper cut out to make the base and paste it to the flower.

Make the petals for the tassels and sew them into a pearl string.

Make 3 such pearl tassels.

Step 6: Complete the Craft!

Paste the tassels behind the flower to the paper base.

Cover the base of the Flower again with a foam sheet paper cut out of the same size.

Paste a decorative pearl in the center and complete the satin ribbon flower.

Step 7: Your Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower Is Ready!

In just a few simple steps and using some basic craft supplies, you can make this pretty and easy Kanzashi beads Satin Ribbon Flowerthat makes for a pretty DIY Headband accessory for girls and a hair clip fashion accessory too! Take up an easy DIY Sewing Crafts Projects for beginnersand make this elegant looking Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flower.Making such easy DIY craft ideasis sheer fun!

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the DIY Kanzashi Beads Satin Ribbon Flowerand let your imagination play!

Step 8:

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