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Hello every one!! Here is my free style ring tutorial. It is step by step but the main concept is the ring base that will be the base to the free style ring. So ones you learn the base then you will just add to the base ring any random beads you have that in you collection like all bead lovers have. Hope your a bead collector like I am. So lets get started.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Here are three tools needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, cutting pliers. I mainly used the cutters and my finger allot but just in case you should have all three near

Step 2: Wire

For the wire that will be used for the base of the ring. I used 22 Gage. When I say base the just means the ring we will be forming that will hold the beads.

Step 3: 2nd Type of Wire

You will also need 0.3mm wire for stringing the beads on. This wire is so thin that we will be string the beads on as if we are using  sewing string that how thin this stuff is. I really great stuff I buy mine a the flower market here in down town Los Angels its a district called the alleys. Its full of goodies for crafty people  like us!!!!

Step 4: Wire Color

This is just to show you the color I used. Its teal

Step 5: Other Tools

I have a mandrel if you have one cool use it if not look at the next step I have another option for you.

Step 6: Other Tool

This is for those of you who don't have a mandrel its a marker it works just as well.

Step 7: Beads

beads beads beads sorry had to say it three time!!! Ok so as fare as bead go get out your stash you know you have some hehehe.

Step 8: Cutting Wire for the Ring

So pull out you 22 gg wire. Cut more then you need it just best to have extra then to fall short on the ring. I pulled and cut 12inch maybe 13inch. Go ahead and cut.

Step 9: Starting Ring Base

Pick up your mandrel or marker and wrap your wire around. I sized mine at size 8 but I need size 7 . The reason I put it on eight is that ones you add all your beads to the base the ring shrinks due to all the tugging will be doing with the 0.3 wire that incase the the ring base. And also the beads take up so of the room you finger needs. So expect the ring to go down one size.

Step 10: Wrap

lets wrap the wire around. For the second time. Know your wire should meet facing you

Step 11: Wrap

Again wrap around for the third time wire should meet in front of you

Step 12: Wrap

Wrap again for the fourth time wires should meet in front of you again

Step 13: Wrap

No more wrapping Know what you need to do is bring the top wire down and bottom wire up take a good look at the picture

Step 14: Taking It Off

Here you'll see that I took it off the mandrel or your marker go ahead and do so 

Step 15:

So know you have it in your hand. Grab the top wire. Here we are going to run it through the ring to make a wrap

Step 16: Wrap

go to next step but take a look at this picture really good I will explain on next step

Step 17: Wraping

Take a good look a the picture I went ahead and ran the wire through the ring. The top wire through the ring going down toward the floor then up through the ring toward the sky. Go ahead do it. Then the bottom wire runs over the four wire toward the sky and through the ring heading down to the floor. Go ahead do it .

Step 18: Wrap

Before cutting slid it on your finger so you get the feel of the ring it should feel a bit strong. It will get stronger ones we finish the ring trust me. At this time what you should do if you ring base does not look like the one in my picture grab the the two furthers wires that are on the outer edges and pull them till they get the same form as my ring. 

Step 19: Wrap

Ones you wrap it around a few time as you like. I did it twice. Grab you cutters and cut

Step 20: Wire

Here we go. Grab you 0.3 wire or any wire that is very thin like a sewing thread

Step 21: Wire

mine is 0.3 teal

Step 22: 0.3 Wire

Pick up your wire roll pull some out and wrap around two of your fingers about 9 times. Remember  more is better then falling short at the end

Step 23: Wire Knot

Grab your wire and insert one end. Take a good look at the picture. You could see that I tied a not to start off my bead weaving

Step 24: Beads

bring out you collections of beads. Here to start I decided to use a very small pearl for the start . Use what every you like put try to keep the first one small

Step 25: Wirering Beads

Slip on your first bead

Step 26: Wiring Beads

Just a close up

Step 27: Wiring Beads

We are still on the same bead. ones you string it now secure it by weaving it in and out the ring base. I did it ones

Step 28: Bead Stash

Get out more beads Stash you have for more options

Step 29: 2nd Bead

Pick out another bead string it on and secure it by weaving it through the ring base

Step 30: Close Up

Just a close up of the weave I did to secure the second bead

Step 31: Bead Stash

Ok people know pull out the rest of your bead stash pick a special bead. I pulled out a blue flower it will allow my ring to stand out and really pop.

Step 32: 3rd Bead

ones you found that special bead string it on an if you find a flower some what like mine you are going to need a small bead to sit on top of the flower you'll see on the next page

Step 33: Bead Stash

My bead stash with small beads to add the top of the flower

Step 34:

see here the pearl

Step 35:

Step 36:

here i ran the wire up the bead then back through the flower

Step 37: 4th Bead

Run your fourth bead through and weave it to secure it to the ring base

Step 38: 4th Bead

A close up of me securing the 4th bead

Step 39: 5th Bead

Yup another stash find your 5th bead. This one should also be a eye catching bead

Step 40: Bead

I found this leaf it stands out just enough. Now it is much bigger then my ring base but that's ok we can work with it. Member it is free style anyways so Just go with the flow and use what you like and work with it. Take a good look at the pictures coming up

Step 41: 6th Bead

You may not need a 6th bead if your 5th bead fit just fine on your ring base. Mine did not but since it is free style Diy I wanted to show you guys that you can work with it. Here you could see the bead is way off the side of my ring base so i added some small beads to fill in the space i end up using about three. Take a look at the next picture

Step 42: 7th Bead

Just look

Step 43:

Yeah see i did use three beads to fill in the space now i am at the top of the ring base and have weaved the wire in and out and around the ring base so many times it like sewing. Fill you ring it should feel very strong by now .  I look at my ring and found one more space that needed to be filled in. Look between my orange bead and my pearl bead right their is a small space. Take a look at your ring if you see any space your going to need to fill them in

Step 44: Opptional

I found some rhinestone chain to fill in my space

Step 45: Opptional

cutting chain

Step 46: Opptional

one stone

Step 47: Opptional

stinging it on

Step 48: Opptional

just went right under the stone with wire

Step 49: Opptional

weaving back and fourth in and out and all around

Step 50: Finish

all done in enjoy

Step 51:


Step 52:

giving it shape on mandrel

Step 53:

Step 54:

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