DIY Gift Ideas! Make Your Own Presents!

Introduction: DIY Gift Ideas! Make Your Own Presents!

Hi! Today I'm going to show you some DIY gift ideas perfect for the Christmas season. They are really easy to personalize depending on what your likes are.

For the first idea you will have to make a little plushie first. I've chosen a one up Mario mushroom. Pattern here:

First I'm going to attach the white dots to the green felt piece with some fabric glue. You can sew them too, but I find that gluing them is easier.

Then I'm going to sew the edges of the green piece on the wrong side, and we are going to get the upper part. Then, do the same to the lower part using the same technique with the white felt pieces.

Then I decided to glue the eyes down but I recommend leaving this step for the end so you know exactly where they need to go.

After that sew two you parts together with the wrong side on the outside.

Make sure you leave one side without sewing so you can flip the plushie to its right side, and stuff it with some cotton. Then close that little gap.

To finish the gift attach one side of a little chain to a keychain ring and sew the other side to the plushie.

And there you go! I think this is a really cute and useful gift, and you can really make whatever plushie you want. There are plushie tutorials on YouTube for almost anything so you can really personalize it as you want!

For the necklace you will need to do some clay. For this mix a teaspoon and a half of cornstarch, a teaspoon and a half of white glue, a tiny bit of Vaseline and a tiny bit of some oil. Mix it until you get a sticky texture.

Then put it into a pot with hot water, at first it will melt a little bit butt then it will get hard and it will stick to the spoon. That will be the moment we take it out of the heat.

The knead it until it is completely cooled down, take a small piece a make a ball, press it a little bit with the help of something flat. Make a whole in the middle with the help of a pen or pencil. This will make our doughnut.

Take the other part and make it completely flat with a pen, draw a flower shape with a toothpick and make it smoother with your fingers. Put it over the doughnut and that will be the icing. Then I decided to add some little dots for decoration.

With a thin wire make a little hook so we can hang our figure later. Now let it dry for 48 to 72 hours.

When it's dry paint it with some nail polish or if you don't have them, some acrylic paint. Paint the smallest parts with the help of a toothpick, and use this too to correct any mistake.

Finally attach the figure to a chain with a little ring and that's it! I think this gift is very pretty and neat and it also very easy to personalize by making whatever figure you want.

For the bookmark you will need to cut two paper pieces one slightly smaller than the other, just like you can see it in the video and the glue them together.

Then write your message in a piece of paper, I decided to use transferable letters but you can also print them or write them yourself.

Then you can add some rhinestone stickers for decoration.
Finally make a hole in the top part and attach a ribbon with some beads.

This gift idea is really simple and you can really make any design you want. This is just the design I came up with.

I hope I could inspire you to make some DIY gifts, I think they are more thoughtful and have more feeling on them than the bought ones. Thanks for watching!

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    6 years ago

    Could femo clay work to?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Of course! You can always knead fimo to have that shape but make sure to follow the instructions of the packaging (Fimo usually requires some baking) ^_^