DIY: Hardware Wine Stem Charms

A few years or so back I spotted a set of adorable hardware wine stem charms at a local store. I was tempted to purchase them but we were still moving into our home and really didn't have things quite in order for entertaining at the time so I stored the idea in the back of my head for later. REcently I started looking for some online but was unable to find any so I decided to make a set for the upcoming summer entertaining season. This DIY is pretty quick, easy, and customizable- my favorite type of DIY project.

Supplies: Wire cutters Small needle nose pliers Maleable wire Hardware pieces

1. Measure around a wine stem to approximate how much wire you will need for each charm. Cut your pieces with the wire cutter

2. Use the small needle nose pliers to create a loop at the end of the piece

3. Wrap the wire around something circular to create a loop for the wine stem

4. At the end of the loop, cut off the rest of excess wire and bend the end up to fit into the loop

5. Thread the hardware on the end of the wire and you're done!



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