DIY IPad Case (Griffin Elan/Moleskin Style)




Taking inspiration from the Griffin Elan Portfolio and the Moleskin notebook, here's my attempt at an iPad case...

Step 1: Materials 1

Fun foam for iPad backing and canvas substitution for book binding hard card.

Step 2: Materials 2 & 3

Hair bands to hold iPad. These hair bands have a rubber backing that helps secure the iPad.

Not pictured: xacto, spray mount, thread, needle, paper, book cloth.

Step 3: Foam Backing

3 pieces of fun foam cut to size to hold iPad (2 for upper frame, 1 for backing). Template was inspired from the original iPad packaging.

Step 4: Folder Pocket

Cut and glued paper together to make a folder insert for case innards. 

Step 5: Binding Inside

Cut and bound book cloth over stripped canvases. 

Step 6: Binding Outside

Step 7: Time to Sew the Hair Bands Onto the Fun Foam Backing

Step 8: Hair Bands Sewn Over and Underneath Corners

Step 9: Back of Fun Foam With Hair Bands Sewn

Step 10: Backing Final Step

Cut another piece of fun foam to cover back with exposed edges of hair bands for a firm gluing to book binding.

Step 11: Elastic Band

Hammered slits with screwdriver to back of binding to secure elastic band.

Step 12: Sewed Elastic Band Together

Step 13: Glued Backing and Pocket Onto Binding

Step 14: All Done!

Step 15: Side View



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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 15

    How secure is your iPad in this case? It seems like it would slip out.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this post! I kind of Combined your version with a few others and ended up with a book safe Ipad and sketchbook case.