DIY IPod Dock




In this instructable i will show you how to make a cheap,nice and fully functional iPod Dock. you can use it with your computer to sync songs from iTunes as well as play songs with speaker system.

Step 1: Tools and Materials You Need

for the case i used:
- 10/100 pack CD/DVD box, Comes free with it.
- powerglue and hot glue,
- metal ball bearing.
- an ipod connection cable (USB),very cheap at ebay (Optional)
- the original ipod dock adaptor, which comes with your nano
- headphone stereo male connector Rs.5/-
- one 3.5mm inline stereo socket Rs.15/- from (ravibhawan)

You will find everything except the ipod connection cable at your local electronic/general store.

- a ruler
- a cutter
- a marker
- Quick Fix (glue)
- hot glue gun. (optional)
- double side packing tape
- soldering iron

Step 2: IPod Dock Adapter.

When i unpack my iPod nano i got this piece of plastic useless. but when i got the idea of making iPod dock it become priceless. (Compatible iPod dock will cost you around Rs.500 - 2000) To make dock connector remove all the plastic of cable connector you wont need it. fix this cable connector below dock adapter with glue better to use hot glue gun. Now remove the cover of headphone connector . you will need a 3 wire cable of 10-15 cm solder one end of this cable to head phone jack and other end with 3.5mm inline stereo socket. As there is no place for head phone connector below the dock adapter Cut a little hole for the Headphone connector at the bottom beside cable connector with hand driller. fix the head phone connector with glue. (See images)

Step 3: Building the Dock

First, empty your CD/DVD 10 pack box then take upper plastic out now, Then take the ipod dock adapter place it over your DVD box. now draw some rough marking for cutting the plastic with the help of the marker. now cut the plastic with help of cutter blade (dont cut your finger in this). Now place your ipod dock adapter in this cutting make sure it fit firmly. put some double side packing tape on back side of your dock adapter and fix it over the cd/dvd case.(see images).
to make this dock heavy place a ball bearing and fix it with some glue of double side packing tape. Close the cd/dvd case and your cheap, nice and functional iPod Dock is ready. you can use it with your computer to sync songs from iTunes as well as with speaker system.



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    9 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 3

    You could even fish up the charge cord and superglue it to the base and it'll charge too


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice one, you can save some money using this instead of paying for expensive docks!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice, clear and quick....that's what we need here!

    it has a has a dock and u r using it nowy not just get blue tac and stick that on the table done