DIY Lampshade (icosahedron)





Introduction: DIY Lampshade (icosahedron)

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The latest lampshade I tried to construct.. It requires a bit of cutting from templates.

You will need 8 sheets of paper or card (A4, 180 gsm), templates (provided in the video description), double-sided tape and craft knife. It is really simple and easy to make.

Template 1:

Template 2:



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    An Icosahedron has 20 triangular shaped sides. But thanks very much for the project.

    This is in fact a truncated Icosahedron (or Dodecahedron) where the corners are cut off. It is the same shape as a Buckminsterfullerene or a foot (soccer) ball.

    Very cool!

    If you wanted to, you should share the templates right here on instructables as an attachment to a step. You just add them the same as a photo, and then users can grab them right here after watching your video.

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing this great lampshade! :)

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look out for this.