DIY Lantern Lights

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Intro: DIY Lantern Lights

have you seen the lantern lights at stores? $10-30 I've seen! how about making them for $3-5? All you need is paper Christmas lights and a few office tools!

Step 1: Materials

- construction and printer
and a Christmas light strand

Step 2: Cut

cut strips in the FOLDED piece of paper and DONT CUT ALL THE WAY. see image 4 to see

Step 3: Bend

bend the paper as shown and staple

Step 4: Inside

roll a piece of printer paper up (try to keep the diameter just slightly smaller then the outside) and tape. Then put it inside and staple the bottom four times. push the top down and add a strip of paper to mount it as shown in figure 4(don't staple the side opposite of the strip you need it)

Step 5: Lights

tape the lights 1 and 5 together, lights 2,3, and 4 will be inside

Step 6: Mount

put the hanging lights in the tube then use the strip to hold it, simple!

Step 7: Enjoy

this is a great party light and please vote for me in the summer fun contest



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