DIY Metal Detector Coil Protector



Introduction: DIY Metal Detector Coil Protector

Just bought a metal detector and in all the excitement forgot to buy a coil cover? Me too , but don't worry you are sure to have something that can be repurposed to fit the bill ."why cover the coil I have a warranty" you ask? Well most warranties only cover damage done from normal wear and tear which is kind of a grey area but besides saving yourself from fighting with customer service your also protecting yourself from cutting a day of treasure hunting short due to easily preventable damage :)

step one. Hunt down a  non metallic preferably plastic lid, frisbee,planter base,etc that is round and is slightly wider than your coil. I found a pretty sturdy lid from small bucket.

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Step 1:

place the coil on the lid and mark the lid so you  can drill holes in the lid around the outside and inside of the coil.we will be using zip ties to strap the lid to the coil as they are non metallic,cheap and easily replaceable should one or more fail or you need to take cover off for cleaning. Be mindfull of the orientation of your cable connection and arm connector in respect to holes.

Step 2:

after marking holes drill,drill,drill as with any power tool use caution!!

Step 3:

grab some zip ties...

Step 4:

i inserted zip ties so the clasp on them is going to be on top.

Step 5:

place coil on your homebrew protector and tighten zip are done happy hunting

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